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The overthrow of the government is not taking place in the parliament, but in the background: 10 million euros prepared for the “purchasing” of MPs?!

The host of the show Who is Lying to You? (“Kdo vam laže?”) believes that the previous episode of the show upset the Slovenian public quite a bit, as he revealed who is behind the overthrow of this government. He believes that the overthrow is designed in a very controversial way, as it is by no means taking place in the parliament, but rather, in the background. He also admits that he made a mistake because when he was revealing the most important players in this affair, he forgot to reveal one of the most important people in this team, Drago Kos, who was also the best man at Jože P. Damijan’s wedding. Tomašič goes on to explain why Damijan is by no means a suitable candidate for the position of Prime Minister and rejects his lie about the drop of the support for all of the parties which are in the coalition with Janša. Tomašič believes that it is precisely the players that he presented in the previous show, who are the ones directing the protests in the background. “These are the people who are willing to sacrifice people to covid with their protests, who are willing to sacrifice the police, just to achieve their goal,” Tomašič explains.

In this episode of the show, Tomašič decided to present the opposition’s candidate for the mandatary in the so-called Constitutional Arch Coalition (Koalicija ustavnega loka) – KUL. This role has been assigned to the economist Jože P. Damijan. Tomašič explains how the economist Damijan took out a loan in Swiss francs and was unable to repay it later. “As an economist, you should know what taking out a loan in foreign currency is like,” says Tomašič. “This is a man who made a statement, saying that the euro is fascist and that it needs to be abolished. A man who wants Slovenia to leave the European Union is far from suitable for the post of Prime Minister,” Tomašič explains Damijan’s views. He believes that Damijan is good enough to overthrow the government and to join the other marionettes.

Tomašič goes on to say that Damijan is not only dangerous, what with his ideas about the euro and leaving the EU, but also that he is a liar. In the show Studio City, Damijan stated that all of the parties that have ever cooperated with Janša lost in the next elections, as Janša supposedly cut them like salami. Tomašič believes that a person like Damijan, who holds a doctorate degree and is a scientist, should state the facts, and says that Damijan’s statement is not true. “Firstly, there was only one instance of the elections being held immediately after Janša’s government’s term ended, that was in 2008,” Tomašič points out. Let us remind you that during the second government, the left-wing took over the power after one year, without elections. In 2008, the DeSUS party, which joined the centre-right coalition during the first Janša government, even significantly increased its election result. For example, in 2004, DeSUS received 4.04 percent of the vote, and in 2008, it received as much as 7.45 percent of the vote in the election. “Even in DeSUS, they admit that they gained support when they were a part of Janša’s government,” Tomašič explains.

Ten million euros prepared for the purchasing of the MPs?
In the previous episode of the show, Tomašič forgot to mention a key man in the attempt to overthrow the government, for which he sincerely apologized to the viewers. According to him, Drago Kos, the husband of Tjaša Slokar Kos who is the editor-in-chief of the news program on PopTV, is also a part of the mentioned group of people. “In addition to these gossip newspapers and radios controlled by Martin Odlazek, we have Drago Kos, who is the informal editor of 24ur, on the other side,” he explains. The connection between Damijan and Kos can also be deduced from a picture, which shows that Kos was Damijan’s wife’s best man at their wedding. Tomašič also states that Kos has appeared in all of the major scandals, and in his opinion, he is actually directing them. To provide an example, Tomašič pointed out the scandals of Depala Vas, Patria, and the investigations in NLB. “He is an extremely dangerous man, scheming, intelligent, comes from the police, has very good connections in the police, and the rival candidate at DeSUS’s upcoming congress is his man,” Tomašič says, explaining how Kos was also hired by the NLB in the past, with very good pay, in order to prepare the loan folders for the police.

“The legal-constitutional assumption of power with the overthrow of the government in parliament is one thing, but the violent overthrow or bribing and blackmailing someone, is something completely different,” Tomašič emphasizes. He says he sees absolutely no reason for the SMC MPs to switch to the opposition since the opposition MPs insulted them and quarrelled with them. He says that in this case, this is a matter of private interests, which may be financial, or perhaps someone knows something about them, and they do not want it to be made public. He believes something similar is also the case for DeSUS, which has everything they wanted in the programme in the current coalition. “There is no logic behind this unless someone offers a million, two, three, ten, and according to my information, ten million euros have already been prepared for the purchase of the MPs,” he added.

They would protest and sacrifice lives to reach their goal
Tomašič received a letter from a reader, which was sent to the Nova24TV editorial office, and in it, the reader told him his story, which supposedly happened somewhere in Maribor. The reader claims that Golobič came to some small bar, where he allegedly met one of the protesters. “Golobič was alone in the bar, and suddenly, a gentleman with a bicycle appeared there. They had a conversation about the protests, and all of a sudden, Golobič gave this gentleman a paper to sign, he also gave him an envelope with money and told him that they had to protest until this government fell,” the reader wrote. Tomašič does not know whether the above is true and says that if it is made up, he will apologize to Golobič. However, he believes that these players should be exposed, as they are a threat to our quality of life. “These are the people who are willing to sacrifice people to covid with their protests, who are willing to sacrifice the police, just to achieve their goal,” he explains, adding that this is a mafia-style operation that needs to be exposed.

Tomašič also speaks about the Prime Minister’s tweet to the Republicans and says that he believes that foreign policy is not something that is formed via Twitter, criticizing the articles of Marta Razgoršek, who said that the damage caused by Janša’s tweet needed to be repaired. The articles thus mostly show attacks by the opposition MPs, who were in power until recently, but had not established any relations with the U.S. “The main protagonists of their foreign policy were Putin and Lavrov,” he explained, adding that the relations with America only began to improve when the current government came to power. While the opposition MPs believe that Janša represented the country with his tweet and therefore embarrassed Slovenia as a whole with his post, Tomašič also reminds everyone of all the nonsense committed abroad by the former Prime Ministers, now members of the opposition.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Anže Logar to MP Matjaž Nemec: “A rehabilitation plan was needed when this government took over”
When the MP Matjaž Nemec asked Foreign Minister Anže Logar what the rehabilitation plan for the whole Twitter affair was, Logar replied that the rehabilitation plan was needed when the current government took power. “Because we had disastrous relations with the United States,” Tomašič explains, stressing that the U.S. Foreign Secretary’s visit did not happen at the time of the previous, opposition’s government, but only after Logar became the Foreign Minister. Tomašič also wonders why the opposition cares so much about America, while they themselves labelled them imperialists. According to the opposition, Janša wasted the opportunity for the EU summit to be held in the USA, but Tomašič believes otherwise. He thinks that the summit would only happen if Donald Trump won the election, and under Joe Biden, this would be very difficult in any case, regardless of the tweet.

In the end, Tomašič speaks about Matjaž Nemec’s tweet, in which he wrote: “On Thursday, the 26th of November, the next violent protest is supposed to happen! Will the authorities do everything in their power to prevent the violence this time? Or will we be able to see another parade by Minister Aleš Hojs, who is redirecting the work of the police from managing the protests to protecting him, so that he can look for the culprits in the streets?” Tomašič mentions this tweet because he has no idea where Nemec got the information about the new protests.

Sara Rančigaj

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