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Drago Kos was not only the best man at Damijan’s wedding, they also got rich doing business together – with the help of the parastate apparatus!

A lot is hidden behind the project of the operatives of the transitional left – the Constitutional Arch Coalition (Koalicija ustavnega loka – hereinafter referred to as KUL), especially when it comes to the relationship between Jože P. Damijan and Drago Kos. The latter is not only a family friend and Damijan’s wife Sandra’s best man, they also worked together on the Slovenian Corporate Integrity project which, according to the experts, brought them more than 100 thousand euros. The institutions that were involved in the conceptual part of the project are the Faculty of Economics, Chamber of Commerce and Industry Slovenia, Manager’s Association of Slovenia, Slovenian Directors’ Association, and the project was financially supported by the monopoly state-owned companies and banks, as well as their directors.

These days, the Slovenian transitional networks are intensively working on overthrowing the current centre-right government with any undemocratic means possible, and their goal is to set up a new government, with the marionette Jože P. Damijan as the Prime Minister. Damijan is looking for support among the parties in parliament; NSi, SMC and SNS have already told him that they do not intend to support him, but the main role will be played by Gregor Golobič’s operatives, who will use any means necessary to ensure that they get the power back, as they desperately need it to ensure their own existence.

As we have already revealed, well-known left-wing names are helping Golobič with this project, such as: the lobbyist Bogdan Biščak, Mayor Zoran Janković, SD MP Matjaž Han, President of the Court of Audit Tomaž Vesel, tycoon Martin Odlazek, and the former agent Drago Kos.

The capital network buys even the most misguided project
This time, we will focus on Kos, Jože P. Damijan’s family friend, who wan even Damijan’s wife Sandra’s best man. Damijan and Sandra got married in Komiža, on the island of Vis. However, Kos and Damijan are also connected in business. As we have learned, they worked on the Corporate Integrity project together, which, with the support of the Slovenian Directors’ Association and its then-President Borut Jamnik, as well as the Faculty of Economics, Chamber of Commerce and Industry Slovenia, and the Manager’s Association of Slovenia, hurled itself into the parastatal economy.

According to one expert, this project was worth more than 100 thousand euros – the expert believes it was very much overpaid, and it was adopted mainly by the then-managers of the state-owned companies and banks, which were not exactly known for their impeccable business integrity. What is interesting with this project, is that at the 2014 economic summit, they presented these new guidelines for “corporate governance,” and the statement was signed by 28 directors, who thus became the ambassadors of the project. Everything that followed was just business, and state-owned companies bought a lot of these “new guidelines” for conducting ethical business, even though many of the directors, questionably, recruited based on political affiliation.

The transitional left will defend its right to the state budget until the very end
After the pompous reveal of the project and the awarded deals, the story was soon forgotten. Individuals like Kos are always looking for new business opportunities that are unattainable for the normal person. On the 22nd of September, NLB signed an outrageously rich consulting contract with Kos’s company R.U.R., in the amount of 764,000 euros, or 218 euros per hour. To this day, it is still unknown what kind of investigative work Kos carried out in the NLB – it was often said that he was actually “cleaning up” the evidence after those who dug the bank hole.

Given all these facts, rest assured that Kos will continue to do everything in his power to stay latched on to the state budget. However, he and all those like him can only achieve this under the new government of Jože P. Damijan, and the government of Janez Janša is very much in their way. But they will try to achieve their goal by any means necessary.

Sara Rančigaj

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