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Jože P. Damijan, Bogdan Biščak and Drago Kos: From a coffee meeting to the brutal fight for power!

The story of the conversation that took place in the café near the Faculty of Economics is developing further. The candidate for the position of the Prime Minister, as suggested by the opposition parties – the so-called KUL coalition (Constitutional Arch Coalition); Golobič’s lobbyist and former leading politician of the LDS and Zares parties, Bogdan Biščak; and the first President of the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption and police agent Drago Kos, met for coffee a while ago. Today, Damijan is the candidate for the position of Prime Minister of the technical government, and Kos and Biščak are the operatives with the goal of getting Damijan to the position through their channels. 

Some time ago, the investigative journalist Bojan Požar published a photo of the three prominent left-wing sympathizers, meeting for coffee near the building of the Faculty of Economics. On the photo, there were Jože P. Damijan, a full-time professor at the Faculty, who is now the well-known candidate for the position of Prime Minister of the so-called Constitutional Arch Coalition, Bogdan Biščak, the former leading politician and Gregor Golobič’s lobbyist in the LDS and Zares parties, and Drago Kos, a police agent, the first President of the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption, and the husband of the editor-in-chief of POP TV, Tjaša Slokar Kos.

Even back then, it was rumoured that this was more than just a meeting for coffee, as Biščak already tweeted that he expected the resignation of Prime Minister Janez Janša. And this information turned out to be more than correct when the news came out that the opposition was preparing to take over the power, with the so-called “technical Prime Minister.” The economist Damijan was supposed to take on the role of Prime Minister. Not long ago, he described the then-minister and deputy Prime Minister as the “whore from the dance.” As Boris Tomašič mentioned on his show, it is now clear that he invited the leaders of the LMŠ, SD, SAB and the Levica parties to be a part of his programme as an “independent expert.” “And what is especially amusing, is the fact that the same people who did not know how to run a government and work together the first time they were all together in the coalition, now want to form a second coalition, even though they cannot personally stand each other,” the former Drnovšek’s advisor and one of the most established communicators, Dejan Verčič said in an interview with Delo.

Apparently, there was a desperate search for the Messiah going on at the left political pole. According to Verčič, this was a director’s search for a character who would be willing to sacrifice himself for the network of the transitional left, or, as Rado Pezdir wrote: “They tied it with Aleksander Čeferin, the director of Krka, Jože Colarič, the president and partial owner of BTC City, Jože Mermal, but they all rejected the role of the useful idiot.”

Tomašič believes that Golobič is behind all of this
According to Tomašič, the newly established arch is reminiscent of a citizens’ initiative at first glance. “But in this case, looks are deceiving. This is not just a citizens’ initiative. Like everything in Slovenia, this is not a coincidence,” Tomašič explained. In his opinion, it is precisely Golobič who is in charge of overthrowing Janša’s government. “I have received an exclusive piece of information,” Tomašič added. “There is a group of people who are operatively led, and they are also operatives themselves, and their leader is Gregor Golobič. And as we all know, his boss is Milan Kučan.

Tomašič also reminded everyone of Golobič’s role from the past, when he was initially the secretary-general of the LDS party, at a time when Janez Drnovšek was still the President of the party. “He was the operative who ran everything from the background, who ensured that nothing happened without the consent of the “uncles” from the background,” Tomašič said. The LDS party later collapsed, following Drnovšek’s early death, and Golobič founded his own party, Zares, but he was not very successful in politics.

From protests to defectors and bribes
It should be pointed out that this is a brutal attempt to overthrow the government. “This is a brutal action. We have seen everything – from the protests to the obscene offers to the MPs, to threats, bribery. A lot of things are going on in the background.” Golobič allegedly also has some help – his former lobbyist, who met with Damijan over coffee, Biščak. Let us also remind you of the MPs defecting from their parties in the National Assembly, where the most interesting case was the transfer of Gregor Židan from the SMC to the SD party. According to Tomašič, the media tycoon Martin Odlazek is also mentioned as one of the key players in this whole matter. Odlazek owns more than half of the radio space in Slovenia, as well as newspapers and magazines, such as Reporter, Ekipa and Svet24.

Through his direct majority ownership of different companies or his management influence, the transitional tycoon Odlazek controls the majority market share in the radio activity in the Republic of Slovenia. However, he never declared his market share or concentration to the Slovenian Competition Protection Agency, which we have previously already written about. In addition, it is evident that through the company Eurofit, d.o.o, Odlazek, along with his children, Martin Odlazek and the other seven members of his family, with eight percent ownership each, directly controls the following companies through his ownership: Dolenjski list, d.o.o., Salomon, d.o.o., RGL, d.o.o., Veseljak TV, d.o.o., Kočevski tisk, d.d., Media storitve, d.o.o., Studio D, d.o.o., Radio Kum, d.o.o., Lepenka, d.d., Agencija24, d.o.o., Svet24, d.o.o., Blue trade, d.o.o. In addition to all of this, we have already reported on Odlazek’s lease of more than 40 brands of the former publishing company Delo Revije

Pressuring Počivalšek with the help of Tomaž Vesel?
Tomašič also mentioned the SD MP Matjaž Han, Mayor of Ljubljana Zoran Janković, and last but not least, the President of the Court of Audit, Tomaž Vesel, who is also Odlazek’s friend, according to Tomašič, as the operatives for bringing down the current government. Vesel was supposedly also mentioned as the possible future Prime Minister. Tomašič also reports that Vesel will play the key role in pressuring the Minister of the Economy, Zdravko Počicalšek. Tomašič believes that, with the help of the Court of Audit, they could put so much blame on Počivalšek and the government, that it would cause Počivalšek to leave Janša’s government in the future.

Sara Rančigaj

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