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Jože P. Damijan is courting Fajon, Bratušek, Mesec and Šarec, but to him, they are just an insult to the intellect!

“For the information of all members of the SD, Levica, LMŠ and SAB parties. The candidate for the position of Prime Minister in the left-wing Constitutional Arch Coalition, Jože P. Damijan, considers membership in a political party to be an insult to the intellect. Just so you know where you stand…” a Twitter user Primož Bohinc wrote in a tweet, after he got involved in a debate with Damijan, who wants to form an alternative government with the parties of the left-wing opposition. But it seems that to Damijan, the partisan democracy, and with it, the parties that form it, are an insult to the intellect.

Jože P. Damijan, the man, chosen by the deep state as the ammunition for the attack on the centre-right government and fertilizer for the loosening of the coalition, of course, did not utter the sentence from the title so directly. However, he did write on social media that membership in a party is an insult to the intellect. Marjan Šarec, Tanja Fajon, Luka Mesec and Alenka Bratušek are not only regular members but presidents of political parties.

Jože P. Damijan wrote that in “his” world, the people do not question each other’s worldview and that membership in a party is an insult to the intellect. Primož Bohinc, an entrepreneur and economist, commented on Damijan’s statement, writing: “I expect the members of the archery coalition Tanja Fajon, Luka Mesec, Marjan Šarec and Alenka Bratušek to throw away their political party membership cards in the upcoming days. The Constitutional Arch Coalition would therefore be the first non-political government in the world. That is crazy; I would be willing to sign off on it right away if this whole thing were not something from a parallel universe.” 

It is well-known that Jože P. Damijan has not impressed the public in his public appearances, and it seems that he is not very good at tweeting, either, as he is unnecessarily getting caught up in the most basic topics for political beginners. If Damijan wanted to form a coalition sovereignly, he would not question party affiliation at all, as this is a self-evident matter – namely, we live in a parliamentary democracy, composed of parties, and the proportional system requires their integration into coalitions. However, Damijan is clearly not interested in worldviews, as he has already switched them in his life – from a liberal to a Marxist. Who would not want to hide the importance of political views in a situation like this?

Sara Kovač

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