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We are exclusively revealing the faces of the deep state operatives, who are intensely working on overthrowing the government!

In the second part of his show, the host of the show “Who is lying to you?” (Kdo vam laže?), Boris Tomašič, spoke about the operatives of the deep state, who are trying to overthrow the government of Janez Janša. Tomašič also pointed out that he will not be talking about the former Slovenian President Milan Kučan, but about the operatives of the deep state themselves, who are trying to enthrone the economist Damijan as the Prime Minister, even before the actual fall of the current government. Here are the people Tomašič called the operatives of the deep state: the president of the Zares party – Gregor Golobič, former secretary of the Zares party and the ideologue of the extreme left – Bogdan Biščak, leader of the SD parliamentary group – Matjaž Han, media tycoon, convicted of fraud – Martin Odlazek, mayor of Ljubljana – Zoran Janković, president of the Court of Audit – Tomaž Vesel and former secret agent Drago Kos.
“Now we have seen that Jože Damijan, a professor, an independent expert, simply wrote some sort of political programme, invited Marjan Šarec, Tanja Fajon, Alenka Bratušek and Luka Mesec to talks, to present the programme to them, and said: “Put me in the position of Prime Minister, because I have a better programme, and we will manage to do this, we will take over the power and convince the few MPs we are missing, to join us.” The matter looks like a kind of civic initiative,” is how the host of the show, Boris Tomašič, described the bizarre idea of ​​the opposition’s Constitutional Arch Coalition, as the introduction to the show about the names and faces of the deep state operatives.
But looks are deceiving. This is not just a citizens’ initiative. “Just like everything else in Slovenia, this is also not a coincidence,” Tomašič pointed out and reminded everyone of the photos of Damijan drinking coffee with Bogdan Biščak. He is also said to be on very good terms with the president of the bankrupt Zares party, Gregor Golobič, who has been pulling strings from the background, ever since he withdrew from active politics. “They are planning on how to bring down Janez Janša,” Tomašič said.
“I have received an exclusive piece of information,” Tomašič told the viewers. “There is a group of people who are operatively led – and then they are also operatives themselves – by Gregor Golobič. We all know that his boss is Milan Kučan, but I will not talk about him because we all know that you all find it hard to believe that the old man is still doing anything at all.”
Golobič is the chief operative
“Gregor Golobič is the chief operative, and he is the one who is in charge of overthrowing the Janša government,” Tomašič said. “He is one of those people who suffer the most when their people – their puppets – are not in power.” Tomašič believes that, in order for Golobič to continue with his business as usual, someone who is “appropriately incompetent” must be in power. Tomašič mentioned the president of the LMŠ party, Marjan Šarec, as an example of such an appropriately incompetent person.
Tomašič also reminded everyone who Gregor Golobič is. “He was the secretary-general of the LDS party, the Liberal Democracy of Slovenia, at the time when Janez Drnovšek was still the president of the party. He was the operative who ran everything from the background, who ensured that nothing happened without the consent of the “uncles” from the background.” The LDS party later collapsed, Drnovšek died, and Golobič founded Zares, but he failed to take over the reins of the state. “He is not a man who is able to actively go into politics, lead the politics, be transparent, show up. Rather, he works from the background, and you will not see him practically anywhere, except when there is a crisis – then, he comes to the national television to comment on certain matters.”
According to Tomašič, Golobič is currently in charge of overthrowing the government. “This is a brutal action. We have seen everything – from the protests to the obscene offers to the MPs, to threats, bribery. A lot of things are going on in the background.” Tomašič pointed out that Golobič can sue him for these allegations and announced that he would respond to the court’s invitation and that everyone else he will mention on the show, can come to testify. “The hearing will be very interesting; I will do my best to get permission to broadcast it as well. That is why I am also talking about it now.”
Biščak and Han are also involved
According to Tomašič, Bogdan Biščak, who is considered to be an ideologue of extreme left-wing politics, is also involved – as Golobič’s “shield-bearer.” Biščak is a lawyer, and in the past, he was the secretary-general of the Zares party. Biščak operates at a slightly lower level; he is also said to be in charge of communication with Damijan.
And another of the operatives of the deep state is the leader of the SD parliamentary group, Matjaž Han, who, according to Tomašič, is managing the story of the takeover of power and the return of the left to power, in a very sophisticated way, from the background. “They are not interested in who will become the Prime Minister. They are not interested in what real power they will hold, as long as they are taken care of.” With this, Tomašič also reminded everyone of Han’s connections to Petrol. According to Tomašič, Han is “a very important figure in this story, and we need to pay close attention to him.”
The operatives meet at Odlazek’s
Further, Tomašič also revealed the name of one of the key players in this whole matter, at whose place the operatives of the deep state actually meet – the media tycoon Martin Odlazek, who has already been convicted of fraud in the past and owns a number of magazines newspapers and radio stations. As we have already pointed out in the past at Nova24TV, Odlazek’s media group Media24 publishes the daily newspaper Svet 24, the sports daily newspaper Ekipa SN and Salomonov oglasnik, and Reporter, crosswords, radio stations Aktual, Veseljak and Salomon, as well as the Veseljak television station, also belong to him.
From this entangled media web, it is clear that through the company Eurofit, d.o.o, Odlazek, along with his children, Martin Odlazek and, with 8 percent each, Domen OdlazekNejc OdlazekLiza OdlazekMaja OdlazekMeta OdlazekTina Odlazek and Gašper Odlazek, directly controls the following companies, through his ownership: Dolenjski list, d.o.o., Salomon, d.o.o., RGL, d.o.o., Veseljak TV, d.o.o., Kočevski tisk, d.d., Media storitve, d.o.o., Studio D, d.o.o., Radio Kum, d.o.o., Lepenka, d.d., Agencija24, d.o.o., Svet24, d.o.o., Blue trade, d.o.o. In addition to all of this, we have already reported on Odlazek’s lease of more than 40 brands of the former publishing company Delo Revije. If the rule of law actually started to be implemented, Tomašič said, Odlazek would have lost the most, partly due to the concentration of his media outlets.
Pressures on Počivalšek through the Court of Audits
The next in a series of the deep state operatives is the Mayor of Ljubljana, Zoran Janković, who, despite the fact that he almost “buried” Karl Erjavec, still has a great deal of informal influence. Tomašič reminded the viewers of Janković’s affairs – the pharmacy employee and Stožice and added that Janković was part of this group of operatives because he needs protection. “If the current government fixes the functioning of the judiciary, if we become a real democracy, then Zoran Janković will quickly end up in prison.” Tomašič also highlighted Janković’s infamous statement from the show Nedeljom u 2 on HRT1, where he said that he was untouchable, as long as he opposed Janez Janša.
And the last of the operatives revealed on the show, is, as Tomašič describes him, a “friend of Martin Odlazek,” the president of the Court of Audit, Tomaž Vesel. According to Tomažič, Vesel will make sure that the report of the Court of Audit is prepared in such a way that it will put the blame on the Minister of the Economy and president of the SMC party, Zdravko Počivalšek, and on the government. This was allegedly designed as a way of pressuring Počivalšek to leave the Janša government, and in return, they were willing to “overlook” everything they had prepared for him. And Vesel is not only friends with Odlazek, but he is supposedly also friends with Čeferin, and in some circles, people even think of him as the possible future Prime Minister.
Ivan Šokić

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