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When the Male “New Faces” Do Not Succeed, It Is Time to Choose a Woman

Every now and then, ideas appear in Slovenia that members of the fairer sex should automatically occupy the highest positions in the country. Thus, the magazine Zarja, owned by Odlazek’s media empire, published an article entitled “When Men Admit That it is Time for a Woman,” which launched the potential faces of women of the transitional network, who could potentially try to assume the most important roles (Prime Minister and President of the Republic) in Slovenia. The candidates that were presented in the article were Violeta Bulc, Nina Kozorog, Lidija Jerkič, Nika Kovač, Nataša Pirc Musar, Biserka Marolt Meden, Evgenija Carl, Lidija Jerkič, Darja Zaviršek, Monika Žagar, Brigita Skelo Savič, and Milena Štular. Zarja magazine only presented women from the left, which is not exactly a balanced selection that would inspire the trust of citizens.

Every now and then, the transitional media start convincing the public that the time has come for a woman to lead the Slovenian government. After many failures of the male “new faces,” they would now like to launch a female new face – with questionable political and leadership experience, of course, but with a distinctly leftist agenda. They presented the female candidates who are part of the far-lleft “establishment.”

Zarja magazine, owned by Odlazek’s media empire, has decided to present as many as twelve representatives of the fairer sex, who are supposed to be suitable for the position of Prime Minister, to the Slovenian public. As an excuse for writing the article, they used one of the statements by the “whistleblower” Ivan Gale, and the statement of the director Jan Cvitkovič, who said that he did not care whether Tanja Fajon, Ljudmila Novak or someone else entirely becomes the female Prime Minister. “Or it can be someone else entirely. We (men) have fucked up everything that could be fucked up,” said the director of the movie Kruh in mleko (Bread and Milk). In reality, however, this is only a matter of offering so-called new faces, as they are hoping that one of them, with the help of the transitional media, will become the possible challenger to the largest parliamentary party – the SDS party – in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Can you imagine Violeta Bulc, Nataša Pirc Musar, Evgenija Carl, or Lidija Jerkič as the Prime Minister? For the former European Commissioner Violeta Bulc and lawyer Nataša Pirc Musar, they wrote that they never, “really never talk nonsense… They both instil fear in various chatterboxes and people who spew nonsense because they simply cannot handle them, and both are far enough removed from daily politics.” For Musar, they wrote that she would immediately establish order, as she would not act like a fool or an innocent lamb. And they presented the president of the Srebrna nit association (Silver Thread Association), Biserka Marolt Meden, as an excellent “mother of the nation,” adding that she knows when to put her foot down, if necessary. The Zarja magazine editorial board sees Evgenija Carl as a stubborn and unyielding woman. “A strong woman par excellence. We would need not just one but an entire government of women like her. A parliament filled with such people.”

Lidija Jerkič is known for being the president of the largest trade union in Slovenia, the Association of Free Trade Unions of Slovenia. One of the government’s current biggest ideological enemies opposed the government measures, which would ensure that the members of her trade union would get higher salaries due to a change in the tax system. She was described in the article as someone who takes every opportunity she can to warn and defend the rights of all employees. However, in recent months she has proven that she cares more about her high salary than a better position.

Another fighter against capitalism is Dr. Darja Zaviršek, a full professor and researcher from Ljubljana who opposes neoliberalism. The author of the article pointed out that Dr. Zaviršek is a defender of women’s rights, “which have been pushed in the corner by all Slovenian governments, especially the last one.” Yes, they made sure not to forget to point out that the position of women under the current government is bad. But in reality, nothing has changed – unless you believe the “independent experts” of the transitional network.

They also included the feminist Nika Kovač Dr. Monika Žagar is another professor and a “thinking intellectual.” She presents herself as an advocate of public health, education and public nursing homes. Slovenia is very fond of abusing the word “public,” as the left-wing pole very skilfully manipulates with it. However, we should ask Žagar a short question – is a health system really public if 400 million euros disappear in it annually.

Dr. Brigita Skela Savič is another favourite of the transitional media, who likes to declare herself a health expert, despite the fact that we have repeatedly proven in our media outlet that her knowledge of medicine and especially the current epidemic is very poor. “She is a brave woman who would always say her opinion out loud,” they wrote in Zarja.

Of course, they did not forget the modern star of the dominant media owned by the transitional tycoons, Nika Kovač. We have already written a lot about her in our media outlet, so everyone can form their own opinion about Slovenia’s first “feminist.” “Nika is young and untainted by government policy, so despite her youth, she could be a good Prime Minister,” they wrote. It would be very interesting to observe the role of her “love” in this situation, the secretary of the Levica (the Left) parliamentary group, Matej Kelenc. We recently discovered in our media that Kovač’s non-governmental organisation, the Institute of the 8th of March (Inštitut 8. marec) is just another satellite of the Levica party, which can only function at the expense of financing of the Slovenian taxpayers.

In the end, they also mentioned the humanitarians Milena Štular and Nina Kozorog. At least with these two names, we can also confirm that they are carrying out their mission with a lot of heart and are not engaging in ideological fights with the current government. Štular is one of the initiators of the project Botrstvo. And doctor Nina Kozorog has done a lot when it comes to highlighting the difficult situation of the pensioners in Slovenian society, which her association, Humanitarček, is trying to change. Yes, Kozorog rightly pointed out that her work should instead be done by the state. Yes, we agree with her. However, we should ask ourselves what the previous, mainly left-wing governments have done when it comes to this problem, or any of the other problems that all of Zarja’s candidates for the position of Prime Minister were critical of. But the problem is that the majority of these candidates are closely connected with the transition network in Slovenia. This network has interwoven itself in all of the pores of the Slovenian society, like cancer. However, Zarja will surely not mention that.

Luka Perš

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