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[Video] Franc Jurša Exposed the Left-Wing Opposition and Their Lies: “For a Couple of Days Now, I Have Personally Been Experiencing Terrible Pressure on How I Will Vote. I Will Vote IN FAVOUR!”

Mark Boris Andrijanič has been appointed Minister without Portfolio for Digital Transformation. A majority of Members of Parliament voted in favour of his appointment. Franc Jurša, leader of the DeSUS parliamentary group, explained in his speech why he also voted in favour of Andrijanič’s appointment. He said he had been subjected to a series of pressures before the vote, proving that the leftists know no shame or boundaries when it comes to fighting for power.

At an extraordinary session, Members of Parliament confirmed Marko Boris Andrijanič as a Minister without Portfolio for Digital Transformation. Of the MPs who were present at the session, 45 voted in favour, and 44 against. Andrijanič, who comes from the NSi party, took the oath of office before the National Assembly immediately after the vote and also briefly addressed the deputies. “I do not consider your vote against as a vote against digitalisation and Slovenia, which is open to the future and development,” he said.

Before the vote on the new Minister Andrijanič, the leader of the DeSUS parliamentary group, Franc Jurša, also explained his vote, saying that he would vote in favour of the Minister’s appointment, partially also due to the pressure on him from the left-wing opposition. “For a couple of days now, I have personally been experiencing terrible pressure on how I will vote. The pressures are coming from all sides. They are very difficult to tolerate. Voting controllers are being set up for us. What hurts me the most is that someone said to me that I am “selling” myself, that I am asking for one law to be put in a drawer and another to be put away, and only then will I vote for the candidate for the position of Minister. All of this is one big lie,” Jurša was clear, adding that he would vote in favour of the new Minister being appointed.

Jurša suggested to his colleagues from the opposition that if they want him to also vote for their proposals – provided that they are good, of course – they should simply leave him alone. After he explained his vote, spontaneous applause erupted, which certainly did not come from the left-wing opposition. Jurša faced the left-wing opposition, which presents itself as if it is holier than the Pope himself, with the hard truth.

Prime Minister Janez Janša also responded to the pressures and emphasised that the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia directly protects the freedom of decision-making of the deputies in the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia. “The Criminal Code treats threats to MPs as a crime. I hope that the police and the prosecution will not overlook the clear evidence in this case,” he was clear.

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