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Regarding the DeSUS MPs, Marjan Šarec Bluntly Told Mladina Magazine: “We Are Offering Them Everything We Can!”

Former Prime Minister Marjan Šarec was once again interviewed for the Mladina magazine. He is bothered by the work of the current government, the DeSUS MPs and the two representatives of the national minorities, who do not want to join the left-wing camp. “We are offering them everything we can!” Šarec said regarding the offers they have made the DeSUS MPs. With this, he basically admitted that they are pressuring the MPs, trying to get to early elections as soon as possible, which is what also happened to the previous three left-wing governments. And when it comes to the minority MPs, he said that they are “Indians” who are selling gold for glass. However, he did not hide the fact that in the possible event of a centre-left victory in the next election, he will purge the cadres appointed by the current government.

The President of the LMŠ party, Marjan Šarec, once again experienced his “fifteen minutes of fame” in an interview for the weekly magazine Mladina. He has not changed at all, except for the fact that this time, he also surprised us with a few of his “Šarec-style” statements. He believes that the current government is one of the worst things ever, as, according to him, it has done nothing so far. He is also resentful of the DeSUS MP, namely, because they do not want to give in to Šarec’s offers to turn against the current government. Šarec also admitted that if the current government fell, the opposition parties would not form a new government, as they would rather have early elections. So, nothing new, especially if we consider the fact that the last three left-wing governments all went to early elections – three times in a row. Of course, he did not forget to add that immediately after the possible victory of the centre-left in the upcoming elections, it is absolutely necessary to replace all personnel associated with the largest party of the current government – Janša’s SDS party. With this, he clearly proved that he only cares about classic political revenge, and all that matters to him is that only “our people” can be in power. However, regarding his own government, he said it was basically just an emergency government, which was set up to stop evil from happening. What evil are you talking about, Marjan?

Among other things, Šarec also said that he strongly opposes the closure of Šoštanj Thermal Power Plant, Unit 6 (also known as TEŠ6) and that he supports the construction of a new nuclear power plant. It would be interesting to ask the SD party and their lobby if they agree with Šarec’s proposal. Šarec was also critical of the government allegedly doing nothing and destroying all pores of society. Unfortunately, he forgot that Slovenia quickly recovered after the first wave of the epidemic and has been very successful in navigating its way throughout the entire epidemic. This is also proven by the European indicators, where Slovenia is among the six most successful countries in the EU, in terms of economic growth. One of the worst crises of the last couple of decades could have caused hundreds of thousands of people to lose their jobs. If the government had not prepared a single anti-corona legislative measure, up to 300 thousand people in Slovenia would have probably had to face unemployment, the Minister of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, Janez Cigler Kralj, recently pointed out. Equally, the team led by the Minister without Portfolio for Development and EU Cohesion Policy, Zvonko Černač, was successful in obtaining more than ten billion euros in European funds, of which five billion were non-refundable. On the first day of Slovenia’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the European Commission approved Slovenia’s first programme for drawing European funds in the amount of 2.5 billion euros.

Šarec considers some referendums medieval (the Family Code Act). And regarding his resignation, he said that Šarec’s car was not capable of driving uphill! In the interview, Šarec had to face the question of why he resigned once again. He has said many “smart” things regarding this in the past – about rabbits, doughnuts and empty pools. This time, he justified his resignation with the case of driving a car uphill: if you are driving uphill and stop in the middle of a steep slope, you cannot force your way forward, he said. He also gave a couple of other excuses about how the SDS party now has eighteen deputies more than the second strongest coalition party and that the current government had a solid majority from the start.

He once again complained about the National Council of the Republic of Slovenia, where they vetoed several laws proposed by Šarec’s government. He perceives this as political harassment; however, the citizens who know the importance of the National Council of the Republic of Slovenia know that this is another body that has finally won political power under the current leadership of Alojz Kovšca. This was practically non-existent in previous government terms. And as for the National Council’s veto on the Infectious Diseases Act, he said that it would not have happened, were it not for the results of the last referendum on the Water Act.

Šarec also does not respect the will of all Slovenian citizens or civil initiatives if they demand that Slovenians vote on a certain issue in a referendum. Thus, he said that certain referendums were medieval (for example, the referendum on the law on changes and amendments to the Marriage and Family Relations Act). This only confirms the fact that Šarec, despite boasting about attending church every Sunday, is not capable of a constructive dialogue with the other side. For him, the only referendums which are acceptable are the ones where the clear will and interest of the transition network is recognised.

Šarec regarding the offer they made to the DeSUS MPs: “We are offering them everything we can!” Just like the rest of the leaders of the left-wing opposition parties, Šarec is bothered by the fact that the current government is still successfully doing its job, despite the hostile climate of the majority media. The left-wing opposition representatives therefore see the actions of the three DeSUS MPs and the two representatives of the national minorities as the reason for this. He reiterated the fact that the current government is supposedly buying them with political candy. Šarec even indifferently admitted that they had already promised the DeSUS deputies everything they could have possibly promise them, but they refused to accept their offers. It seems that Šarec himself has finally come to terms with this – namely, that at the moment, they do not have the 46 votes in parliament needed for the success of the desired constructive vote of no confidence.

With his statements, Šarec proved how much respect he really has for the two minority MPs. He said that they remind him of “Indians,” who sold gold for glass. The former Prime Minister, known for giving up on his job when the country was about to face its most difficult times, is not interested in finding out whether or not he will fail to get back into the National Assembly after the next election. He also said that all of the “MPs that are causing disturbances” and belong to the transitional network do not dare to stand in front of people due to their actions.

With this, he indifferently admitted: “We are offering them everything we can!” A few months ago, the author of this article revealed that the transitional network had prepared 2.5 million euros for bribes at the time of the last constructive vote of no confidence. Reliable sources have told us where in Ljubljana the handover took place and who was there. So far, nobody has tried to deny what the author has revealed or what was revealed by the media outlet Požareport in December 2020, which was the first to report on this matter. Whether or not Šarec was referring to any of our revelations, you should decide for yourself.

Marjan Šarec’s most interesting statements:

Marjan Šarec on his resignation: “You should understand my resignation as driving a car uphill, up an increasingly steep slope. If you stop in the middle of the slope, you cannot move forward by using force, so you have to go back to start again.” Marjan Šarec on why the current Prime Minister Janez Janša should resign: “As for Janša, Omerza once explained on a show how they drove together in a small car, one time in the eighties. When the car broke down, Janša tried to fix it for four hours – without success. It is hard for a defence expert to fix a car.” Marjan šarec on his possible candidacy for the President of the Republic or participation in the parliamentary elections: “Of course I will go to the parliamentary elections with our party. As long as you play for Real, you do not play for Borussia.” Marjan Šarec on Nika Kovač and her ability to get people to believe her: “If Nika Kovač had gone into action and decided to try and persuade people to get vaccinated, as she persuaded them to go to the referendum, I believe she would be much more successful at it than Hojs, for example.” Marjan Šarec on the two representatives of the national minorities: “This reminds me of “Indians,” who sold gold for glass.” Marjan Šarec on the offers made to the three DeSUS MPs: “We are offering them everything we can!” Marjan Šarec on the fact that Slovenian will no longer hold the Presidency of the Council of the European Union: “The EU is the least of our problem – as far as I have heard, the French are already preparing themselves and are ready to take matters over from Slovenia immediately – if they haven’t already.” Marjan Šarec on why his government had to exist: “But it was, just like what is currently the case in Israel, an emergency government, set up to prevent evil from happening.” Marjan Šarec on Hungary and Poland: “These are politicians who promise paradise on Earth, and people never wonder whether this is a scam or something similar to someone offering you an eight percent return on investment.”

Luka Perš

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