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[Video] Yugo Diplomat Vajgl Boasted About “Briefing” Sophie in ‘t Veld

Another player who slanders his country abroad and misleads Members of the European Parliament has been revealed. The former Yugoslav diplomat Ivo Vajgl boasted that he is friends with the Dutch MEP Sophie in ‘t Veld, adding that he regularly briefs her on matters, which he did not even try to hide. “They know exactly what is going on here,” he said about the Members of the European Parliament. However, what he did not say is that they do not actually know what is going on, but instead only know the version sold to them by Vajgl and the rest of the left-wing company, which cannot come to terms with the fact that a centre-right government is currently in power.

When the Dutch MEP Sophie in ‘t Veld censored our Prime Minister Janez Janša and refused to broadcast his video, with which he wanted to present the democracy and the state of the media landscape in Slovenia, it was quite clear that someone was giving her instructions on what to do. One of the possible “whisperers” of instruction could, of course, be Irena Joveva, who is in ‘t Veld’s party colleague, or perhaps even Klemen Grošelj. But even before that, the Dutch MEP has always shown her affiliation with radical leftist views in her speeches. She likes to open up certain radical topics, which is why she supposedly does not enjoy great respect among her parliamentary colleagues.

“I can also mention that Sophie in ‘t Veld is my colleague, my friend – I make no secret of the fact that I regularly brief her on matters,” admitted the former Yugoslav diplomat, Ivo Vajgl, who has been a member of several left-wing parties in the past. He also praised the move of the Vice-President of the European Commission, Frans Timmermans, who did not want to be in the group photo taken at the beginning of Slovenia’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union – only out of solidarity with his colleague Tanja Fajon, of course, who cannot help but sell stories on the European political floor about how worried she is about the situation in our country. Of course, many people forgot to mention a connection that is important for this story and is also a reflection of bad culture, namely, that both Fajon and Timmermans are members of the S&D party. As is well known, Timmermans was bothered by the fact that Janša showed a photo from a picnic of the SD party, which was also attended by some of the Slovenian judges, in order to more clearly present the situation in our judiciary.

So now it is very clear who is (also) selling stories in the EU about how rights are supposedly being violated in Slovenian and how journalists are being oppressed. According to Fajon, the Dutch MP is seriously concerned about the attacks on journalists, and in addition, she also pointed out the “unacceptable interference” in the process of appointing the Slovenian European Delegated Prosecutors. “Attacks on journalists, the media; attacks on the judiciary, interference in the appointment of the European Delegated Prosecutors. All of this is unacceptable,” she said, despite the fact that she only sees the situation in Slovenia through the eyes and descriptions of her colleagues – so obviously also through the words of her colleague Vajgl.

Vajgl likes to criticise the current government and Prime Minister Janša, for whom he said, among other things, that he is a “typical provincial politician, perhaps good enough for Grosuplje, for his followers here in Slovenia, but otherwise, he has yet to come up with a good idea that would be noticed by the European Union as an idea of a statesman from a small country.” With such statements, he is often invited to come to the public RTV as well, where they believe he is competent and credible enough to be able to judge the actions of the current Slovenian politics – of course, in the manner and with the agenda of the left-wing opposition.

Sara Bertoncelj

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