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The Slovenian Bishops’ Conference Joins the Appeal for Vaccination Against Covid-19!

After the entire Slovenian politics unanimously called for vaccination against covid-19, the Slovenian Bishops’ Conference also announced that they would join the appeal. Namely, they sent instructions to all priests in Slovenia to get vaccinated, with the intention of ensuring that the priests take care of their own safety and the safety of their loved ones.

The bishops invite all priests to invite the members of their parishes to get vaccinated, especially the elderly and the sick, and to publish the appeal to get vaccinated on their websites of their parishes.

The protection of health is an active display of love for one’s neighbour The Slovenian Bishops’ Conference emphasises that the protection of health is an active expression of love for one’s neighbour, which the Bible speaks of. “During the trying times of the covid-19 epidemic, we need to take care of our own safety, as well as the safety of our loved ones. I kindly invite you to decide to get vaccinated against covid-19 after a consult with your doctor. By doing so, we will be able to calmly await autumn, and if we ensure proper vaccination rates, our churches will also be able to remain open for worship,” they emphasised.

The rectors of pilgrim routes and churches, which are visited by larger numbers of believers, are asked to arrange a visit of the National Institute of Public Health’s mobile vaccination units, especially during the Feast of the Assumption on the 15th of August. The National Institute of Public Health is aware of this initiative and will respond to a call for a visit with a mobile vaccination unit. The directors of the diocesan Caritas organisations are also invited to inform their volunteers about the importance of vaccination and to help arrange and organise vaccination in the environment in which they work. “Volunteers should also invite the people they regularly visit and help to get vaccinated.”

The Slovenian Bishops’ Conference also invites all Scouts’ leaders to address their members and get vaccinated. They can arrange for a visit of the mobile vaccination unit with the National Institute of Public Health, which can also come to their summer camps and other events, where larger numbers of young people will gather. They want the Youth Office of the Slovenian Bishops’ Conference, as well as the Catholic Youth Institute, to invite all catholic youth organisations to ensure that the youth will get vaccinated. “In cases of major events, they can ask the National Institute of Public Health to arrange for a mobile vaccination unit to come.”

Nina Žoher

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