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This Is How Far Tanja Fajon Is Willing to Go, Just to Harm Slovenia’s Reputation Abroad!

Member of the European Parliament Tanja Fajon really does not know when to stop when it comes to slandering Slovenia abroad. She wanted to slander her homeland in Brussels again, but luckily, she also failed again. This time, she proposed changing the title of the debate in the European Parliament, where they had a debate on the completion of the appointment procedures for the full functioning of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office on the agenda. Of course, Tanja Fajon wanted to include Slovenia and the government interference in the judicial system in the title as well. Apparently, it is not really clear to her that with all these attempts at slander, she is embarrassing herself, above all else, and not just her country.

The SD party and its president Tanja Fajon failed again last week. Namely, the party wanted to put the debate on Slovenia and the rule of law on the agenda of the plenary session of the European Parliament, but they did not get enough support to make it happen. In addition, the attempt of the EU cycling protest was also quite unfortunate, according to the photos, as only about seven people actually gathered in Brussels, and even those were there without bicycles. On that day, Fajon said that this would be the first time in the last 20 years that she has lived and worked in Brussels, with a protest by Slovenians on their bicycles, who are gathering because they are concerned about the conduct of the current government. Well, unfortunately for her, she has still not experienced this, even after the twenty years of her work there.

“It is shameful to see what the SD party is willing to do, just to harm Slovenia’s reputation abroad. Does Tanja Fajon really not understand that if she harms Slovenia, she is also harming herself?” director of the Government Communication Office Uroš Urbanija wrote, while the head of the Prime Minister’s Office, Peter Šuhel, commented: “It did not work. Again. Even though the SD party is really trying its best to slander Slovenia in the European Parliament. But they will definitely give it another go, won’t you, Tanja Fajon and Milan Brglez?”

Namely, it seems that the SD party wanted to change the title of the debate in the European Parliament. “The situation in Slovenia – government interference in the judiciary systemic, threat to sound management of EU funds and other threats to the rule of law,” was their proposal for the title, but the title did not change, after all, but remained The Urgent need to complete the procedures for nominations for the full functioning of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Sara Bertoncelj

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