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Look at How Much Taxpayer Money Marjan Šarec Spent on the EU Presidency Logo, Compared to Janez Janša

When Marjan Šarec’s government began its term, it commissioned a graphic image for the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, thinking that they would still be in power during the Presidency. Šarec spent 11,750 euros on the graphic design, while the government of Janez Janša spent nothing.

Presiding over the Council of the European Union is very important for every country. Apparently, Marjan Šarec wanted to prove himself because, at the time, he probably did not think that after merely a year, he would already give up on leading the country or that his government would fall apart practically under his nose. Therefore, he had the logo for the Presidency of the Council of the European Union made, for which he hired the designer Gregor Ivanušič, whom he paid 11,750 euros for the image.

Last week, however, the government of Janez Janša presented a new visual identity for Slovenia’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union. It was prepared by one of the employees of the Government Communication Office, so there were no additional production costs, the Government Communications Office explained – unlike what happened with Šarec’s government, which spent 11,750 euros on this project.

With the new visual identity, the government wanted to strengthen the European message and emphasise that Slovenia is representing all 27 EU Member States. According to the Government Communication Office, with the new visual identity, Slovenia is also conveying the message that it is celebrating 30 years of independence this year. The website is hosted on the promotional domain, and not on the web portal.

The logo symbolises the connection between Slovenia and the European Union
“The visual identity reflects the guidelines, priorities and goals combined in the slogan ‘Together. Resistant. Europe.’” the Government Communication Office wrote in the press release. The ribbon in the colours of the Slovenian flag depicts the silhouette of Mount Triglav, the Slovenian national symbol, which represents a sovereign and independent state, and at the same time, a strong member of the European Union. At the same time, it symbolises the ups and downs that are part of the development of the European Union. But it is precisely because of respect for fundamental European values and the persistent efforts of all of us for the common good that the European Union is even more resilient and connected after each fall. European values are the guiding principle of the Slovenian Presidency, so there are seven golden stars from the European flag depicted above Triglav. And it is no coincidence that there are seven stars. The number represents the seventh stanza of Prešeren’s poem Zdravljica (A Toast) and thus the Slovenian national anthem. The text of the anthem calls for dialogue and a more open society, and spreads the idea of connection and peaceful coexistence of all nations.


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