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Many Politicians Have Condemned the Vile Actions But Look Who Bratušek Decided to Condemn Instead!

Another vile action has shaken up Slovenia. A few young men drew swastikas on the façade of the Ministry of Culture. Most people expressed outrage and condemned the action. But Alenka Bratušek just could bring herself to do that.

The unnecessary spreading of hatred with swastikas on the Ministry of Culture will hopefully finally result in criminal charges and prosecution. Police are said to have revealed the identity of the perpetrators. Most politicians have already condemned the inappropriate action, but there are, of course, some exceptions.

Responses from the politicians
The Prime Minister wrote: “Next time, the vile action will probably be carried out on the police building, with all the vigilance?”

Leader of the NSi parliamentary group Jože Horvat wrote: “I strongly condemn the vile actions and intolerance that are typically the activities of totalitarian and extremist groups. Is this the future promised by those who want to overthrow the current government? Will we be able to unanimously condemn this terrible act?”

President of the SDS Christian forum, Dejan Škvarč, was among the first people to condemn the vile action, telling our web portal: “As president of the SDS party Christian forum, I strongly condemn the vandalism with the swastikas on the façade of the building of the Ministry of Culture. The SDS party condemns all attempts to revive fascism, National Socialism and Communism. They were all evil for the Slovenians. I hope the perpetrators get caught by the competent authorities as soon as possible. It should also be pointed out that certain opposition parties are directly or indirectly responsible for this, as they unjustifiably support and incite hatred towards the Government of the Republic of Slovenia due to their own loss of power.”

President of the SD party, Tanja Fajon, also condemned Wednesday night’s vandalism, writing the following: “I condemn the vandalism at the Ministry building, as well as any other expression of hatred and intolerance. I hope the perpetrators are caught soon. Because Slovenia cannot become a place where everything is allowed.”

But while almost everyone condemned the vile, extremely inappropriate action, Alenka Bratušek decided to resort to cheap populism instead, writing: “Swastikas on the Ministry of Culture are a reflection of supporters of the current government, who are parading around the temple of democracy with a T-shirt that has the face of Leon Rupnik on it and are establishing the National Press Agency – a fascist press agency, as they themselves called it – to replace the Slovenian Press Agency. Today, they are surprised because somebody decided to draw swastikas on the Ministry of Culture – which is completely inappropriate, of course. Provocations, similar to Trump’s, which they are intentionally engaging in, will divide this country even further. Slovenia deserves a normal government!”

Twitter user Nejc Brence responded to her comment, writing: “Who is actually encouraging these vile actions? Those of us who condemn all such actions, or the president of the parliamentary party that promotes threatening the Prime Minister, the SDS party, and attributes fascism to the Government of the Republic of Slovenia? The bill for these cheap populisms will be issued at the elections.”


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