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The Mainstream Media Kept Quiet About Some Very Important Details Regarding the Alleged Misuse of Israel’s Spy Software

Have you ever heard the name Anita Dunn before? Probably not. Dunn is a senior adviser to US President Joe Biden. She is also connected with the NSO Group.

In recent days, the media have written extensively about how many journalists, lawyers, and human rights activists were supposedly targeted by the Pegasus spyware, which was sold to some authorities from around the world by the Israeli company NSO Group. Among others, the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban was mentioned, and the Slovenian left-wing opposition quickly linked Prime Minister Janez Janša with the spyware, as he also visited the company in question during his visit to Israel.

And this is the main »proof« in all the media outlets: they believe that the governments used Pegasus because their representatives have either visited Israel (and also possibly the NSO Group) or some government associates are (somehow) connected to the NSO Group. If that is really the case, then the mainstream media has kept a lot of important additional information from you. Especially information about connections that the left-wing favourites also have with the NSO Group – including politicians, environmental activists, and also music and film influencers.

The NSO Group worked with American liberals
First, an explanation. There are two Israeli companies offering cyber surveillance equipment on the market, which were both set up by the former active members of Unit 8200, a branch of the Israeli military for digital surveillance. These two companies ate the NSO Group and the Black Cube. And now, let’s look at some examples of people that the left-leaning media did not mention in relation to the Pegasus spy equipment.

Let’s circle back to Anita Dunn, who we already mentioned in the beginning. Today, she is a senior consultant in Biden’s administration and is also one of the founders of the strategic communication company SKDK, where she was even the director. And this company worked closely with the NSO Group before Biden became president. Are you familiar with the names Jeremy Bash, Philippe I. Reines and Andrew J. Shapiro? Also no? Well, all three were important employees in the Barack Obama administrations. The aforementioned trio, which is closely linked with the Democrats, founded the company Beacon Global Strategies, which also worked with the NSO Group. It is probably a “coincidence” that at the time, Bash was the head of the CIA and the US Department of Defense. It is also a “coincidence” that Philippe I. Reines was Hillary Clinton’s advisor. And the third founder of the company, Andrew J. Shapiro, was the Assistant Secretary of State under Barack Obama.

Cooperation between the NSO Group, SDKD and Beacon Global Strategies happened in the months leading up to the US presidential elections. If the leftists perhaps have doubts about the credibility of these statements, they should immediately be reassured: all of this was revealed by Kenneth P. Vogel, a journalist of the New York Times, which is a very popular media outlet among the leftists. Moving on. Let’s take, for example, a long-time favourite of the left-wing pop culture, Harvey Weinstein. His lawyer, David Boies, hired the Black Cube after Weinstein’s visit to Israel.

Do you want more? Some examples from Slovenia, perhaps?

Years ago, the Romanian media revealed that the Black Cube was cooperating with Romanian authorities, or rather with the president of the Romanian Social Democrats, Liviu Dragnea. At the time, the group of his Israeli advisers was led by Asaf Eisin. Does this name sound familiar? Eisin was also an adviser to our former Prime Minister Miro Cerar and the SMC party. He advised Cerar on – communications and communicating.

Janja Strah

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