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Half of the Entire Adult Population in Slovenia Has Already Been Vaccinated With the First Dose of the Covid-19 Vaccine

Data from the National Institute of Public Health shows that half of the adult population in Slovenia has already been vaccinated with the first dose of the vaccine against covid-19. To ensure the necessary vaccination rate that would prevent another wave of the epidemic, we need 70 percent of the entire population to get vaccinated.

According to data from the National Institute of Public Health, 861,749 adults have already been vaccinated with the first dose, to date, which represents 50 percent of the entire adult population in Slovenia.

When it comes to vaccination rates, women are in the lead
The highest proportion of those vaccinated with the first, as well as both doses, can be seen in the age group from 70 to 74. They are followed by the age groups of 75 to 79 and 80 to 84. If we look at the share of those vaccinated by statistical regions, we can see that the highest rate of those who have already been vaccinated with the first dose is in the Zasavje region. This is followed by the Primorsko-Notranjska, Goriška and Koroška regions. The highest rate of those who have already received both doses of the vaccine is found in the Koroška region. This is followed by Zasavska and Goriška regions.

Women are still in the lead when looking at the gender of those who have already been vaccinated. Namely, 450,146 women and 422,359 men have already been vaccinated with the first dose of the vaccine, while 395,133 women and 371,676 men have already been vaccinated with both doses. By far, the largest proportion of people were vaccinated with the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, and a smaller proportion with the Janssen vaccine by Johnson&Johnson.

Politics unanimously called for vaccination
While there were no covid-19 cases before the second wave hit, the situation is different now. At that time, we had nothing except for the shutdown of public life to stop the spread of the virus. However, since each closure of public life comes with a price, it is clear that only high-enough vaccination rates are what can actually help. Both the Australian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, as well as our Prime Minister Janez Janša, along with both Deputy Prime Ministers, Matej Tonin and Zdravko Počivalšek, advocate an emphasis on personal responsibility.

“Now it is up to you! The danger of covid-19 is still here but taking responsibility for your health and the health of your loved ones is now in your hands entirely. There are enough vaccine doses. The experts, the EU and the government of the Republic of Slovenia can do nothing else at this point. Let’s get vaccinated! We do not need new restrictions, only responsibility and solidarity,” Janša said last week. Given that the delta version of the new coronavirus in Slovenia has recently grown significantly, the health experts, led by the Minister of Health, decided to once again call for vaccination. On Wednesday, the president of the Republic, Borut Pahor, joined the appeal and pointed out that the epidemic can be controlled. “We know how to limit the spread of infections, and we have a vaccine. We are no longer helpless, and we no longer have to live off hope that things will not get worse. The decision is ours to make. By vaccinating as many people as possible, we can overcome this threat to public health and look forward to autumn carefree.” The church, as well as all political parties of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia, have also joined the calls for vaccination.

Nina Žoher

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