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Long-Term Negative Selection Shows Disastrous Results: Almost Half of RTV Employees Do Not Have the Appropriate Education

Would you be willing to get treated in a hospital where almost half of the staff do not have the proper education for their job? Or would you perhaps accept those same odds in court? This is precisely what the situation at RTV Slovenia is like – we assume that as many as 994 employees there do not have the appropriate education for their jobs – which is almost half of all employees. Is this also one of the reasons why it is high time for a referendum to abolish the mandatory RTV contribution?

Perhaps you did not even know or do not even care about this, but – how many employees at RTV Slovenia do not meet the educational conditions for the position they hold? The answer is almost half, so 994, said the adviser to the Minister of Culture, Miro Petek. Therefore, can we even expect that the work they are doing will be done professionally? In the case of journalists, as they are supposed to provide us with credible, verified, and objective information, this is all the more important – especially since we are talking about a public media outlet that we all have to pay for.

The unjust reporting of our national media outlet is raising more and more doubts. In the last year, in particular, the nature or political orientation of the RTV workers has really come to light – it is more than obvious that they are strongly in favour of the left-wing political option, which is something they are not even trying to hide anymore. Even in their main news programmes, reporting is mostly one-sided, and the connotation expresses political affiliation, which journalists should not allow themselves in principle – unless they clearly define their political orientation and unambiguously inform the public about it. The mandatory payment of contributions for national television is a problem for many, so the initiators of the referendum on the Facebook page “Abolish the forced payment of RTV subscriptions” announced that they will start collecting signatures for the referendum on September 1st. Why should we all continue to pay for deception, one-sided reporting and even manipulation – like the recent false translation of the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen’s speech?

Sara Kovač

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