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“Swiss Stop Islamization Award”: Launch of a fundraising campaign – target: CHF 6,000

In order to show adequate recognition to the people and associations who often fight against the Islamization of our country in general indifference, the political movement “Il Guastafeste” from Ticino launched a national prize in 2018.
The aim of the “Swiss Stop Islamization Award” is to award the prize annually to three individuals or associations who – in French-speaking, german- and Italian-speaking Switzerland, but also in the countries bordering Switzerland – have distinguished themselves for their courageous activities against Islamization and against Islamic radicalism. The winners are to be financially supported with CHF 2,000 each.

The first edition of the prize was won by Mireille Vallette, Walter Wobmann and Lorenzo Quadri; the second Magdi Cristiano Allam, Prof.. Sami Aldeeb and Alain Jean-Mairet; the third by Uli Windisch, Shafique Keshavjee and Stefano Piazza; the fourth by the Swiss Association Vigilance Islam, Eros Mellini and the Egerking committee.

The award ceremony for the fifth edition will take place in the course of the spring. Therefore, a new donation campaign is being launched, with the aim of raising CHF 6,000 thanks to the contributions of numerous people.

Les candidats – The candidates – I candidati

(in alphabetical order)

French Switzerland + France:

Pierre Cassen (FRANCE) – He is the very combative founder and former head of Riposte laïque, a website founded in France in 2007 by a group of left-wing and left-wing extremists who decided it was time to oppose the Islamization of France. The website is very interesting and bold. Listen to the 27-minute speech given by Pierre Cassen in 2017 in the land of the Ardèche(, censored by YouTube. He explains that Islam should be banned in France and all mosques should be closed.

Alexandre Del Valle (FRANCE) – French political scientist, philosopher and journalist of Italian descent. He is a specialist in geopolitics and the Middle East, holds a PhD in contemporary history, and is a professor of geopolitics of Islam in France and Italy. He is considered one of the most remarkable experts on Islamic fundamentalism. He is a brilliant speaker who frequently participates in radio and television discussions on Islam, and author of numerous well-founded essays, including “Le Totalitarisme islamiste à l’assautaut des démocraties” (2002), “La Turquie dans l’Europe, un cheval de Troie islamiste” (2002), “La Turquie dans l’Europe, un cheval de Troie islamiste? (2004), “Why are Christians killed worldwide today?” (2011), “The Western Complex: A Small Treatise on Debt Relief” (2014), “The True Enemies of the West: From the Rejection of Russia to the Islamization of Open Societies” (2016), “The Strategy of Intimidation: From Jihadist Terrorism to Islamic Correctness” (2018). The incomplete list of her books clearly shows how important this expert is in the vital fight against the Islamization of Europe and the radicalization of Muslims.

Zineb el Rhazoui (FRANCE) – Born in Casablanca in 1982, the French journalist of Moroccan origin, who describes herself as an atheist with a Muslim background, became known worldwide because on January 7, 2015, she accidentally escaped a massacre in the editorial office of Charlie Hebdo, where she had worked as a columnist since 2011 and which she left in 2017 when the editorial board decided to no more cartoons about Muhammad. Since then, the activist for human rights and individual freedoms, who was the spokesperson for the feminist association “Ni putes ni soumises” (Neither whores nor subjects) in defense of Muslim women, has been living under protection because she has received several death threats. She is the most protected woman in France. However, this does not prevent her from participating in radio and television broadcasts in which she does not fail to criticize Islam, but also the intellectuals and journalists who are subject to the Islamists. Threats against this courageous anti-Islamic activist increased after she declared in a 2018 interview on CNews that “Islam must submit to the criticism, irony and laws of the republic,” and after arguing on another program that same year that veiled women support radical Islamic ideology with their behavior. In 2016, she published a book entitled “Destroying Islamic Fascism,” in which she reveals the expansion strategy of Islamic fascism in the West.
Dominique Schwander (Valais) – born in Lausanne in 1937, author of the monumental e-book (621 pages) “L’Europe soumise et l’Islam – Islamisation rampante de la Suisse”:

Hamid Zanaz (FRANCE) – Born into a Muslim family, he knows Islam from his time in Algeria, where he taught philosophy at university. Because of his secular attitude, he had to leave Algeria in 1993 during the civil war and flee to France. As a translator and independent journalist, writer and freelance thinker, he works for various Arabic and French publications. He is the author of numerous essays in both Arabic and French dealing with religion, sexuality, politics or science in the Islamic world. He has published several books, including “Europe in the Face of the Islamic Invasion: A Civilization in Danger” (2019), which is dedicated to “All resistance fighters in the world who reject the Islamization of their countries.” In this book there is a chapter on “Switzerland before an Islamist volcano”, in which the author states that “no mosque in Switzerland is spared, everyone is infected by radical Islamic fundamentalism”. In his book “L’islamisme, vrai visage de l’islam” (2012), published in several editions, he reveals the double face of Islam, its complicity and its strategies. The author shows that Islamism and Islamism actually pursue the same goal: to enforce Islamic law all over the world, one openly, the other concealed. This book is, as can be read on the cover, an alarm cry from a brave man: “Open your eyes instead of burying your head in the sand! First, get to know the dangers that threaten democracy, freedom of conscience and women’s freedom, and recognize the traps and lies, because according to the Taqìya, in Islam it is not a sin to lie for the sake of religion.”

Eric Zemmour (FRANCE) – Born in Montreuil in 1958 to a family of Algerian Jewish descent with French citizenship who came to France during the Algerian War. In recent years, the political journalist, writer, essayist and polemicist has become one of the most indomitable and well-known opponents of immigration and the Islamization of France. He takes the view that Islam is incompatible with the republic. He is the author of several controversial books, including “Le Suicide français” (2014) and “La France n’a pas dit son dernier mot” (2021). Zemmour is one of the most hated and most beloved men in France. His appearances on television and in radio broadcasts are synonymous with ratings records. From 2019, he will participate in the program “Face à l’info” on CNews, which is a great success thanks to his presence. With courage and determination, he publicly expresses opinions that earn him the sympathy of many French people, but also insults, threats and complaints aimed at silencing him. In 2011, 2018 and 2020, the French judiciary convicted him of inciting racial discrimination and hatred of Muslims and their religion. He declares “that you can no longer criticize the Islamist offensive without being called a racist.” He was convicted, among other things, of the following statements: “Most drug traffickers are black and Arab.” “All Muslims, whether they say it or not, consider the jihadists to be good Muslims.” “France has been experiencing an invasion for 30 years.” “In the countless French suburbs, where many young girls are veiled, a struggle for the Islamization of a territory, a jihad, is being fought.” “Muslims are former colonized people who have become colonizers.” “The Islamic veil and the djellaba are the uniform of an occupying army.” Zemmour has announced that he will run in the presidential election in April 2022, and according to polls, he has a good chance of qualifying for the second round against Macron. The main point of his program is to stop immigration (especially Islamic immigration), deport criminal migrants and expel those who are hostile to France and do not want to assimilate.

Alain Wagner (FRANCE) – More and more often we read and hear about “Sharia”, but how many people know what it really means and what effects its application has in Europe? A great expert in this field is the Frenchman Alain Wagner, who has been giving very interesting lectures for several years to explain to people how the Islamic system based on Sharia works and how Islamic institutions organized the colonization of Europe. Everyone, especially journalists and politicians, should take an hour and 13 minutes to listen to the lecture entitled “The Islamic Colonization of Europe” given by Wagner in Paris on September 2, 2018(here is the full video;and here is a written summary: The Islamic Colonization of Europe – CLILCEA). The colonization that was the subject of the lecture is the one carried out by the OIC (the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to which all 57 Islamic countries belong), ISESCO (the Islamic Organization for Education, Science and Culture founded in 1982), and the European Islamic cultural associations and centers. In this lecture, which, according to his author, does not present opinions, but real, verifiable facts, Wagner explains why it condemns us not to understand what is going on on our continent when we talk about Islam without knowing the characteristics of Sharia. Understanding Islam only as a religion and not understanding that Islamization is a political process prevents our Western society from defending itself and initiating the necessary desislamization of the West. The French expert explains how the strategy to Islamize Europe began with the extortion of oil during the Yom Kippur War (1973). The speaker makes it clear that when he speaks of “enemies” and an “Islamic theocratic bloc”, he does not mean the totality of Muslims living in Europe, but the governments, politicians, organizations and individuals (Muslims and non-Muslims) who consciously propagate Sharia law and exploit and deceive a large number of Muslims. In the same lecture, Wagner also discusses (from minute 47) a 15-page explosive document entitled “Strategy of Cultural Islamic Action Outside the Islamic World”, which not only issues guidelines for the creation of Islamic communities that function according to sharia rules, but also explains how to “immunize” Muslim children in the West against the “invasion”.

Ticino + Italy :

Boris Bignasca (Lugano) – Member of the Grand Council and head of Mattinonline, a news website of the Lega dei Ticinesi that largely opens its columns to very critical articles on Islam and Muslim immigration.

Iris Canonica (Bidogno) – Iris Canonica was a member of the committee that launched the “Anti-Burqa Initiative” in Ticino in 2011, which was then adopted by 65.4% of voters in 2013 and thus set a precedent in Switzerland. She was also a member of the committee of the federal popular initiative, which called for a Switzerland-wide ban on concealing the face in public and was adopted by the people and the cantons on 7 March 2021. This combative and stubborn citizen vigorously defended the two initiatives by writing several newspaper articles and taking part in various radio and television debates in which she distinguished herself by her dialectical skill, by bravura against those red-green feminists who, by playing into the hands of misogynistic Islamists, defended the alleged “freedom” of Muslim women, wear the full body veil. For years, Iris Canonica has been writing regularly for the weekly newspaper “Il Mattino della domenica” and stands out as one of the few women in Ticino who have the courage to publicly and competently acknowledge the incompatibility of political Islam and Sharia with our Western society, the negative effects of uncontrolled immigration on security and social peace, as well as the intolerable subjugation and oppression of women in of the Islamic world, including in Europe.

Piero Marchesi (Tresa) – This young and brilliant politician was born in 1981 and has had a steep career. From 2012 to 2021 he was mayor of Monteggio (and in 2021 became mayor of the new municipality of Tresa), and since 2016 he has been president of the Ticino section of the SVP. He was elected to the Grand Council in 2019 and then resigned after a few months when he was elected to the National Council. As a member of the national parliament, he immediately distinguished himself on the anti-Islam front with several actions, such as the parliamentary initiative “Prohibition of the Islamic Central Council of Switzerland and the Association of Muslim Scholars” or around the question “The Swiss Center for Islam and Society in Fribourg: Opportunity or Threat for Radicalization?”. This question was asked in December 2020 on the basis of the brochure “Is the CSIS really there for the integration of Muslims?”. (, in which the Geneva journalist and Islamic scholar Mireille Vallette had expressed numerous doubts about the activities of the Centre, as it promotes the Islamisation of Switzerland and the radicalisation of Muslims, rather than advocating the integration of Muslims into our democratic and secular society. Marchesi then submitted a postulate in which he called on the Federal Council to draw up a report on the activities of the Centre, in which the various critical aspects mentioned are analysed in detail in order to assess whether federal funding should be cancelled. On 18 August 2021, the Federal Council proposed to Parliament that it adopt the postulate. Marchesi was also a member of the Ticino Support Committee for the federal “anti-burqa” initiative (which was adopted by the people and the cantons on 7 March 2021) and took part in several televised debates in favour of the initiative. After the vote, he handed over the interpellation entitled “Burqa ban. Rachid Nekkaz must be prevented from continuing to call for violations of the Constitution and the law,” in which he asked the Federal Council what he intends to do in relation to the French-Algerian millionaire, who had agreed to pay fines to women who do not comply with the constitutional ban on face coverings.

Souad Sbai (ITALY) – The journalist and writer was born in Morocco and has been an Italian citizen since 1981. She studied literature at the University of La Sapienza in Rome and received her doctorate in Islamic law. She is also editor-in-chief of Al Maghrebiya Italy, an Arabic and Italian portal dedicated to the Arab communities in Italy. Since 1997 she has been president of the Moroccan Women’s Association in Italy. For twenty years she has been fighting against extremism, for human rights and for the liberation of Muslim women in Italy from segregation. As a member of parliament, she presented a bill in 2009 to ban the full veil (burqa and niqab). This proposal was fiercely opposed and failed. Souad Sbai works for several Italian newspapers and has published several books, including “Ostaggi dell’integralismo” (2014), “L’inganno: vittime del multiculturalismo” (2010) and “I Fratelli Musulmani e la conquista dell’Occidente” (2018). In this book, she deals with radicalism and jihadism through an important document entitled “The Project”, which was found in 2001 in the house of a Muslim living in Campione d’Italia who used to run a bank in Lugano. The project traces the strategy the Muslim Brotherhood is supposedly pursuing to conquer the West.

German-speaking Switzerland + Germany:

Hamed Abdel-Samad (GERMANY) – Born in Egypt, historian and political scientist. He is the son of a Sunni Iimam and a former member of the Muslim Brotherhood. He works at the Jewish Institute for History and Culture at the University of Munich and lives under personal protection. In his book “Islamic Fascism: An Analysis” (2017), he deepens his historical analysis of the similarities between Islamism and the ideologies of Hitler and Mussolini; he describes the fascist tendencies of today’s Islamic extremism.

Stiftung Zukunft CH/ Fondation Futur CH (Engelberg /Winterthur) – Zukunft CH (Futur CH) is a non-profit foundation with legal headquarters in Engelberg (Canton obwalden) and organizational headquarters in Winterthur, founded in 2007 by the pastor of the Reformed Church Hansjürg Stückelberger (b. 1930), who has been committed for decades to supporting people who are persecuted for their faith, especially Christians, who face terrible oppression in some Muslim countries. The foundation, which is currently chaired by Pastor Michael Freiburghaus and headed by Mrs. Beatrice Gall, is thus a reaction to the spread of Islam in the world and especially in Europe and Switzerland. Futur CH fights against the introduction of Sharia law and for the defence of Swiss identity and the Christian values that underlie it and that have also inspired the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. One of the pillars of Swiss identity defended by the Foundation is freedom of religion and culture. In this context, those responsible at Futur CH repeatedly criticize politicians and church representatives for the naivety with which they view Islamic teachings, accusing them of trying to reassure the public that Sharia-based Islam does not pose a threat to democracy. In their presentation, they write: “One does not want to see that Sharia is above national and international law and also above human rights, and at the same time the fact is concealed that every good Muslim has the duty to wage holy war to subjugate the whole world to Allah”,e.B. through migration, demography or terror. The foundation publishes a magazine every two months (each issue contains articles on Islam), which can be subscribed to for an amount of at least CHF 35. Islam plays an important role in the Foundation’s activities: on the Foundation’s website (, you will find a list of interesting brochures and easy-to-read newsletters that can be obtained for a small fee (e.B. “Are the commandments of Islam compatible with our laws?”) and short texts that can be downloaded free of charge (e.B. “Burka”, “Taqiya”, “What is Sharia”, “Calls for Struggle in Islam”, “Does Islam Allow the Handshake?”). The foundation also organizes occasional video conferences (e.B. 2021: “Can Islam be integrated into our democracies?”), which can be attended for a small fee. In cooperation with a religious scholar, the foundation will publish a new brochure to inform as many people as possible about Islam and the dangers of immigration from Afghanistan.

Thilo Sarrazin (GERMANY) – Thilo Sarrazin, born in Gera (D) in 1945, is one of Germany’s most controversial authors and one of the most influential intellectuals. His theses on the topics of immigration, Islamization and financial policy lead to fierce debates. Thilo Sarrazin, Doctor of Law and Political Science, worked from 2002 to 2009 as State Secretary in the Ministry of Finance, at Deutsche Bahn and as Finance Senator in Berlin. He was also a member of the Executive Board of the Deutsche Bundesbank. However, in 2010 he lost his job after the publication of his bestseller “Deutschland schafft sich ab”, in which he explains on the basis of mathematical and statistical data why the German population will die out in the next 100 years and be replaced by people from other cultures (especially from the Islamic culture). In the early 1970s, he had joined the SPD, but was expelled from it in 2020 after his other book “Hostile Takeover” was published in 2018, which was considered politically incorrect, as Thilo Sarrazin expressed a general criticism of Islam in it and at the same time denounced the Islamization of Europe. In July 2021, he published a new book entitled “We can do it! (We can do it!) ironically takes up Angela Merkel’s famous phrase of 31 August 2015 when she announced her decision to open the gates to a million immigrants. In an interview with Gabrielle Cluzel published on the French website Boulevard Voltaire on October 16, 2021, Thilo Sarrazin stated that this decision, which was taken unilaterally by the Chancellor without asking the people, will have a negative impact on Germans for decades and even centuries. “The cost of these social benefits amounts to 50 billion euros per year, and the migrant population is growing steadily due to family reunification and the associated high birth rates.

This article was first published by LES OBSERVATEURS, our partner in EUROPEAN MEDIA COOPERATION.
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