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“Protection seekers” increasingly aggressive: Polish soldiers attacked with laser (Video)

While in Western media the mood for the imminent recording of tens of thousands of “people seeking protection” is mainly made with pictures of women with hearty children with cuddly eyes, the Polish border guards have a completely different picture: They are rather criminal types (see video 2 below), who have been persuaded that one can be illegally and mostly without papers invade the EU. And accordingly, the lords behave.

They whistle on laws (which is nothing unusual for criminals) and want to forcibly cross the Polish-Belarusian border. Whether spades or attacks by laser, the care seekers are entitled to any means to get to the desired destination “Germoney”, in order to be fed there by all-inclusive-well-being supply package.

Laser attack on Polish soldiers

Note the arrogant-aggressive body language of the criminal shown in the video.


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