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Paedophiles in European politics

In recent years, a series of scandals have erupted across Europe, which revealed that leading bodies have in their ranks a surprisingly high number of people who engage in abusing children.

Poland’s liberal politics puts great emphasis on children – with a twist

The case of Krzysztof F. has recently come to light. The polish politician of the leftist-liberal Civil Platform (PO) was convicted of paedophilia, persuading children to consume drugs and possessing significant amounts of narcotic substances. He abused a thirteen-year-old boy and a sixteen-year-old girl – the children of a Polish parliamentarian.

339 grams of marijuana were found in the paedophile’s apartment. The police determined that the man administered illegal substances to a 16-year-old girl. He is also accused of trying to give them to the boy, but there is no evidence that the thirteen-year-old had used them.

The court imposed a total sentence of 4 years and 10 months in prison to Donald Tusk’s former erstwhile party member. Liberal politician Krzysztof F. dealt with the prevention of addiction in children and adults for years. In the past, he supported Rafał Trzaskowski’s election campaign and was among his trustees during the elections.

K. F. is a committed LGBT activist, and he runs a restaurant in Szczecin with his partner. He is a co-founder of the Equality on the Wave Association, which campaigns against homophobia in Poland.

However, it’s not just Donald Tusk’s former party members who have been involved in paedophile scandals, as many left-wing and liberal politicians were also busted recently.

‘Candyman’ strikes in Sweden

Swedish politician Leif Svensson, a member of the Medborgerlig Samling (Citizen’s Coalition) party described himself in the election campaign as a man who is passionately interested in education. There is, however, one aspect to his interest in schoolchildren that he somehow forgot to mention in his introduction.

Mr Leif called himself “Candyman” on social media, and targeted young girls, whom he wanted to exploit sexually. The paedophile politician, now in his 70s, was busted by Dumpen, an organisation specialising in exposing paedophiles.

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