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Nika Kovač Has Teamed Up With One Of Putin’s Main Operatives In The European Parliament

As part of its continued anti-life activism, the left-wing non-governmental organisation the 8th of March Institute (Inštitut 8. marec) recently boasted about the support it received from an Irish politician Claire Daly who has been placed on the list of public figures spreading Russian propaganda by the Ukrainian secret service, who also called her “Putin’s puppet”.

After the Institute of the 8th of March’s activist campaign was visibly and unreservedly supported the current Slovenian government of Robert Golob, members of the Institute recently also boasted about the support of an Irish politician, a notorious socialist, who is considered to be Putin’s puppet, and who is also listed in the ‘Shady Horses’ project, which investigates the spread of Russian propaganda in Western countries through prominent individuals, often referred to as ‘talking heads’.

“In Ireland, our My Voice, My Choice campaign has been supported by Member of the European Parliament Claire Daly, whom we have long admired. Claire Daly is always fighting for the right thing,” wrote the 8th March Institute on X. And how could they not admire her when Daly is also a member of the left and a well-known socialist.

Clare Daly is an Irish politician and Member of the European Parliament, known for her Trotskyist and Eurosceptic views. She was a founding member of “Militant Labour,” which later became known as the Socialist Party. As a Member of the European Parliament, Daly has been actively involved in left-wing politics and gained international attention for her controversial foreign policy positions, especially on Russia and trade.

The fact that her positions on the war in Ukraine were confirmed as propaganda was only further confirmation of what happened a few years ago with the bombing of Omagh. The terrorist attack that happened on the 15th of August 1998 claimed 29 lives and more than 200 victims. It was carried out by members of the Real Irish Republican Army (Real IRA or New IRA) and led by Liam Campbell. The Times later revealed that MEP Daly gave a Russian agent Campbell’s contact details – namely, he is the terrorist behind the Omagh bombing.

She has been the subject of controversy on several occasions and has also been accused of nepotism

Her views on these matters have been criticised several times in Europe, while her position has received favourable coverage in Russia and in Syria. The political duo of Clare Daly and the left-wing populist Mick Wallace have been punished in the European Parliament for travelling to Venezuela and Ecuador as unofficial observers of the 2021 elections. The latter MEP has also been criticised for visiting a Shiite militant group in Iraq and supporting Lukashenko in Belarus and Hezbollah in Lebanon.

In December 2019, The Times reported that Daly had appointed her ex-husband, Michael Murphy, as her European Parliament assistant. Rules in the European Parliament prohibit the employment of “spouses or stable partners.”

Daly has consistently promoted a diplomatic solution to Russia’s war in Ukraine, often challenging the effectiveness of sanctions against Russia and military aid to Ukraine. Her critical rhetoric towards the USA in the European Union has consistently matched many of the narratives espoused by the Kremlin. She was recently listed by the Centre for Countering Disinformation, a working body of the Ukrainian National Security and Defence Council, as a “speaker who promotes narratives that are in line with Russian propaganda.” On this list, Daly has been accused of sharing two narratives – that sanctions against Russia “make innocent people suffer” and that the Ukrainian conflict is a “proxy war between NATO and Russia”. In response to this, the politician accused Ukraine of a lack of democracy, which is also very much in the style of the Kremlin.

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