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Janša: Slovenian Democratic Party Will Send A Strong Delegation To Brussels

“Slovenian Democratic Party (Slovenska demokratska stranka – SDS) will send a strong delegation to Brussels, which will be aware of this problem,” said the opposition leader Janez Janša at a discussion evening in Maribor.

A panel discussion entitled “Štajerska deserves more” was held on Monday at Narodni dom in Maribor, organised by the Slovenian Democratic Party. The speakers at the event were SDS party President Janez Janša and SDS candidate for the position of Member of the European Parliament, Franc Kangler.

A strong delegation in Brussels

“The SDS party will send a strong delegation to Brussels, which will be aware of this problem. Brussels can help, but it is not possible to solve the problem from there. We need a ministry like our neighbouring Croatia to put extra energy into this issue, and we have now missed out on two years when this could have been our reality, as the current left-wing government abolished the Office for Demography, which we had set up in Maribor during our term of office, and thus things went in the wrong direction,” explained the SDS party leader.

Bringing Maribor’s voice to Europe

Kangler explained why it is necessary for Maribor’s voice to be heard in Europe: “The headquarters of Nova KBM bank are being moved out of Maribor, the electricity company Dravske elektrarne is investing 100 million euros of their profits to the HSE company every year, the Post Office is being divided into three pillars, we don’t even have national team matches here anymore. In the end, we even lost the Golden Fox ski race. Are they going to take away our dignity, too? We must not allow that. We will continue to fight it.”

Janša: Instead of projects for a better life, we have a debate on cannabis, euthanasia and abortion!

An important factor for a strong party is that “on average, 250 new people join the SDS party every month, while in the European elections, there are parties that do not even have that many members. In Maribor, the merger is also visible in the municipal council, and its main effect will likely be seen in the next local elections,” Janša added, criticising the Maribor MPs who do virtually nothing to win a seat in the National Assembly.

Janša: Instead of fighting for a culture of life, they are fighting for a culture of death

Kangler said that people who are honest live in Maribor, who have a strong work ethic, who care about their people, and who care about the country. And a politician is a person who respects his or her fellow people, who respects his or her religion, his or her country and the future ahead of him or her.


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