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Israeli Foreign Minister: Golob’s Government Is Rewarding Hamas For The Murders, Rapes, And Beheading Of Children

After the Golob government approved the decision to recognise the State of Palestine on Thursday, the Israeli Foreign Minister responded to the news. He strongly condemned the government’s decision, as he believes that the Golob government is rewarding Hamas’ crimes.

The current government’s decision to recognise Palestine as an independent and sovereign state must also be approved by the National Assembly in a vote on Tuesday, but the Israeli Foreign Minister expressed the hope that the Parliament would reject this proposal.

Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz wrote on the social network X that the decision of the Slovenian government to seek the approval of the Slovenian Parliament rewards Hamas “for murder, rape, mutilation of bodies and beheading of babies.”

In his statement, Katz also wrote that the Slovenian government’s move strengthens “the Iranian axis of evil” while also damaging “the close friendship between the Slovenian and Israeli people.” He added: “I hope that the Slovenian Parliament will reject this recommendation.”

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