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Government To Recognise Terrorist Palestine, Which Wants To Wipe Out Israel

“Today, the Slovenian government adopted a draft decision on the recognition of the independence and sovereignty of Palestine and sent it to the National Assembly,” Minister of Foreign and European Affairs Tanja Fajon announced on Thursday. In light of this, it is worth pointing out the warning by opposition leader Janez Janša that recognising Palestine looks like a reward for an act of terrorism.

Opposition leader Janez Janša has long warned that recognition of Palestine will not help to calm the situation in the Middle East, but rather the other way around. It is clear that the people of the Middle East will not be better off as a result of the recognition, and at the same time, recognition would be seen as a political blessing for the terrorist leadership of this entity.

Janša: we will withdraw any potential recognition!

The Foreign Ministry has announced that the Government of the Republic of Slovenia has adopted a draft decision on the recognition of the independence and sovereignty of Palestine on Thursday and sent it to the National Assembly. Foreign Minister Tanja Fajon said that she was “pleased that the government has taken the historic step of recognising Palestine”. In her view, the recognition of Palestine is the only chance for Palestine and Israel to one day coexist in peace.

However, it should be noted that the Palestinians are seeking to wipe out the State of Israel. How peaceful coexistence will be possible under such circumstances, God only knows. Let us also remind you of the words recently spoken by Janša: “Not so fast, BRICS. Even if the current extreme pro-HAMAS government does so (recognises Palestine), the decision will not be sustainable. After the early elections, we will withdraw the recognition. Firstly, all Palestinian ‘movements’ must recognise Israel as a state and commit themselves to peaceful coexistence. Only then can we discuss such a decision.”

Domen Mezeg

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