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French generals against Islamism, Macron against the French generals

About twenty retired French generals signed an appeal against the spread of radical Islam in the country, and the defense minister announced action against the signatories. An absurd situation, similar to that created by the recent unbelievable acquittal of the murderer of Professor Sarah Halimi, who was thrown from the balcony of his house in April 2017 by the Malian Kobili Traore under the cry of “Allahu akbar”; Some saw the acquittal as “justified” by the fact that Halimi was a Jew.

The initiative was launched with an urgent appeal to the political class by Jean-Pierre Fabre-Bernadac, a career officer and director of the Place Armes website, and about twenty retired generals joined by more than a thousand other military personnel.

A clear, concise appeal, without phrases and with content that is certainly not trivial. The key element is the threat of “disintegration” in the country, with Islamism and the hordes in the suburbs of France splitting many parts of the nation into zones subject to dogmas contrary to the French constitution. This is unacceptable because, correctly, “there cannot be any place or district in which the laws of the republic do not apply”.

The appeal also targets the “anti-racist” campaign being waged by some political circles with the aim of creating hatred between communities and depriving the nation of its identity: “Today some speak of racism, indigenism and decolonial theories, but that The aim of these terms is the racial war that these hateful and fanatical followers want. They despise our country, its traditions, its culture and want to dissolve it by tearing up its past and its history ”.

Attention is also drawn to the paradox of the police, used by the rulers against citizens who dare to protest, but who in turn are targeted and threatened by thugs who raid shops. Also worth mentioning is Samuel Paty, the teacher who was beheaded by an Islamist in a Paris suburb last October: “Who would have predicted ten years ago that one day a teacher would be beheaded in front of his school?”

The military demands that the pre-existing laws be applied without weakness, as demanded by the majority of citizens, who are tired of the hesitation and “culpable silence” of politicians.

Words that the French government, and especially Defense Minister Florence Parly, obviously did not like. She immediately threatened sanctions against the signatories, accusing them of insubordination and coupism, while Marine Le Pen sided with the military.

That the executive was threatening sanctions should come as no surprise: if the suburbs are in such a state and Islamism is spreading, it can only be the fault of an inadequate political class and a lack of will to restore order and legality. But be careful: when soldiers and citizens start making their voices heard, history teaches us that it is better to listen to them.

Source: UME

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