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France: Four youths arrested for plotting terrorist attack

The 16-18- year-olds of Chechen origin under investigation by the General Directorate for Internal Security, are suspected of having been involved in the preparation of a violent assault. Some weeks ago another six men who were suspected members of an illegal network were arrested in the same vicinity.

As part of a large-scale counter-terrorism operation, French police on Wednesday arrested four Chechen youths suspected of preparing a terrorist attack. The French authorities have been closely monitoring the activities of Chechen individuals in the country since the brutal death of Samuel Paty – the teacher beheaded in the open street last October by Chechen-born 18-year-old Abdoullakh Anzorov.

Knife-wielding man decapitates teacher on open street near Paris

The scene, only found in horror movies, took place on Friday afternoon in a town near Paris. The case is being investigated by the anti-terrorism prosecutor’s office….

On Wednesday, the RAID special unit of the French police, and the General Directorate for Internal Security (DGSI) detained three people in Strasbourg and another in Schiltigheim on suspicion of plotting a terrorist attack. According to press reports, all four young people arrested are of Chechen origin, but at least one of them is a French citizen. Three of the four are minors – one is16, two are 17 – and the eldest is 18 years of age. All are members of the local Chechen community. Police searched the homes of the suspects and seized digital data devices, but it is not yet known what was found on them.

A few weeks ago, on 27 April, DGSI raided the Chechen community in Strasbourg, and six men aged between 28 and 48 were arrested in different parts of the city and in the nearby town of Bischheim, the local newspaper L’Alsace writes. Another two men were detained in Puy-de-Dome department and in the Paris region. The arrests were made following an investigation by the French National Anti-Terrorism Prosecutor’s office (PNAT), in which one of the monitored individuals, who had previously been to Syria, was suspected to be a member of a network sending funds to Syria.

By:V4 Agency
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