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Dutch “defenders of values” urinate against a historic building in Budapest!

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte says Hungary no longer belongs to the EU …“Proud to embody the defense of European values”, Dutch supporters pee in the center of Budapest in broad daylight on the street, against a listed building.

Our portal also published a picture gallery of the stuffy display of the Dutch fans. PestiSrá’s pictures show several male fans posing in bras and wearing rainbow symbols.

The lessons about “European values” and “rule of law”, with which the EU wants to crush the “unwilling” member states, have no echo in Hungary. Hungarians are aware that they represent the world of normality and they start from their vision of a society without complexes.

The whole hysteria surrounding the Hungarian anti-pedophile law is being used as a political weapon against Hungary.

This law is all about protecting children, minors, and the progressives immediately renamed it anti-gay.

Let us remember that when the Hungarian fans drove to Germany for the Hungary-Germany game, their buses on the motorways were blocked several times and searched for no reason, with the fans being photographed from the front and in profile as criminals, although the police did nothing illegal found, with arrests of fans over several days.

After the game ended, the police from the anti-terrorist unit came and harassed the Hungarian fans. The Hungarian consulate was banned from entering the stadium. A Hungarian supporter who was part of the group is still being held in Germany and no one knows why.

This is how far things have come with the European Union and the “progressive globalist” world.

Source: Pesti Srácok

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