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Caught in the Act: Mesec Getting Coffee With the Symbol of Comradely Turbo-Capitalism and Tycoonisation – Bine Kordež!

Ever since the Levica party (the Left) has gotten into parliament, we have been witnessing misguided statements about capitalism and the glorification of socialism. But obviously, words are one thing, and actions are another. Namely, a photo has been circulating on social networks, showing the coordinator of the Levica party, Luka Mesec, in the company of Bine Kordež, former head of Merkur, who is the symbol of comradely turbo-capitalism and tycoonisation. It should be pointed out that Kordež almost destroyed Merkur with privatisation, and he also repaid his debt with a prison sentence.

Members of the Levica party oppose capitalism, as, according to them, it creates poverty and inequality even in times of economic growth. “Capitalism is not only a system of class exploitation and neglect, but also exploitation and neglect based on gender, ethnicity, nationality and other personal circumstances,” the party states in its programme.

The managerial takeover did not work out for him
Bine Kordež
, who was spotted in the company of the coordinator of the Levica party, Luka Mesec, is a founding member of Milan Kučan’s Forum 21, the umbrella organisation of the deep state. Kordež is one of the rare few members of this organisation who found themselves in jail – in his case, after he was convicted of fraud, related to his failed managerial takeover of Merkur. Namely, former President of the Management Board of Merkur, Bine Kordež, was sentenced to seven years and six months in prison. Kordež reached an agreement with the prosecution and pleaded guilty to 11 crimes. According to this agreement, Kordež was supposed to spend seven years and one month in prison, but the court decided on a higher sentence.

Given that it is crystal clear that Kordež is a symbol of comradely turbo-capitalism, it is really interesting that the coordinator of the Levica party decided to have coffee with him. Especially in light of the fact that members of the Levica party like to defend the misguided socialist systems, similar to the one in Venezuela. However, they like to blame the developed countries with strong democratic principles for the wrong moves made by the socialist countries.

Kordiš would chase people like Kordež into the sea, with bayonets
A lot has already been said about the Levica party’s political programme. Among other things, for example, the programme states that the party wants to nationalise companies: “We will transfer ownership of the companies to the hands of state and local communities and establish workers’, farmers’, and consumers’ cooperatives. Therefore, we will change who the holders of capital are and socialise the profits. With democratic planning, we want to regulate the market processes and gradually replace them with organised processes.” With their statements, the Levica party has often shown disrespect for the most successful entrepreneurs in Slovenia. Namely, Ivo Boscarol, Igor Akrapovič, and Marjan Batagelj have all previously experienced this themselves.

Well, it is hard to believe that Mesec talked to Kordež about the workers’ rights. But perhaps Mesec is interested in entering the business world, as he is definitely no stranger to business attire. In any case, the whole thing is undoubtedly interesting and proves that words are one thing, and actions that follow when the cameras are turned off are something else entirely.

Sara Kovač

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