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Drago Jančar presented the first translation of his book to Norwegian language in Oslo

On 31 March 2022, Drago Jančar presented his novel “I Saw Her That Night” to the Norwegian audience at the Norli Library in Oslo, titled “Jeg så henne den natten” in Norwegian.

Journalist Per Egil Hegge spoke with the Slovenian writer on the occasion. Drago Jančar presented the background and motif of the novel, which is set during the Second World War and talks about love, friendship, betrayal, hope, guilt and remembrance.

In the discussion, Jančar answered questions from the audience, who were mainly interested in the period during and after the Second World War in Slovenia, and how he finds inspiration for his novels.

Ambassador Edvin Skrt especially thanked Mr. Knut Ore, Honorary Consul of Slovenia in Oslo, for all the help and support in completing the translation of the book.

One of the most respected contemporary Slovenian writers, Drago Jančar, recently introduced himself to the Nordic audience as part of the Europe Readr project at a discussion on the future of living in Helsinki in October 2021.

The novel “I Saw Her That Night” was translated to Norwegian by Torleif Sjøgren-Erichsen and published in March 2022 by Aschehoug publishing house.


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