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Director of a Multimillion-Euro Company: If Citizens Have at Least a Little Bit of Common Sense, Then the Current Government Will Get At Least Another Four-Year Term

“If the citizens of Slovenia have at least a little bit of common sense, then the current stable and efficient government will get at least another four-year term. On Sunday, the 24th of April, I am counting on the victory of reason,” wrote Aleš Štrancar, Director of the successful company BIA Separations, who believes that the current government has made an enormous contribution to the success of the Slovenian economy and the recognition of Slovenia abroad.

During the current government’s term, the Director of the multimillion-Euro biotechnology company BIA Separations, Aleš Štancar, repeatedly highlighted its operations as extremely positive for Slovenia, as he had extremely bad experiences under the previous government. That is also why he pointed out how important it is for Slovenia to have a stable and efficient government for the next four years.

The current government has contributed to the success of our economy – unlike the previous governments
In his message, Štancar emphasised the importance of stability of the current, effective government and reminded everyone of the past elected representatives of the left-wing governments, with whom Slovenia merely wasted precious time, and they all resigned after a while. “The so-called left-wing governments have not completed a single term, as the leaders of the parties began to fight for their personal interests and positions on the very first day after their election victories, and after a few years, they simply gave up. Even when they had the constitutional majority in the National Assembly,” Štancar wrote.

The previous governments tried to destroy his now very successful company
As an entrepreneur, Štancar faced many challenges during the years of his activity. Bad experiences with the previous governments brought about problems so severe that he had to try and save his company from destruction. Namely, the governments that caused that were those led by Borut Pahor, Alenka Bratušek, Miro Cerar and Marjan Šarec. Even the state agency SPIRIT, Slovenia’s Business Development Agency, led by the son of the infamous Hilda Tovšak, Jernej Tovšak, caused a lot of trouble for Štancar. But in spite of all of this, he managed to raise his company to a very high, successful level, which, of course, was also done with the help of the current government and its activities, which also contributed to the success of his company. Today, the company is the world’s leading manufacturer of chromatographic columns and a provider of innovative technologies for the production of biological drugs. In 2020, Štancar sold the company for a staggering 360 million euros to the international group of biopharmaceutical and laboratory equipment manufacturer Sartorius, which is based in Germany.

There has been enough bluffing; Slovenia has to use common sense in its decision
According to Štancar, the business environment has been much more predictable under the current government, and the government has importantly contributed to the better functioning of Slovenian export companies due to the country being recognised more often abroad, which is also in part due to our very successful Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Regarding the left-wing parties trying to undermine and hurt the current government’s efforts due to their own previous incompetence, Štancar also wrote in the message: “The current set of the so-called left-wing parties is a perfect example of only working for your own personal benefit, and a government formed by such a group of people, would not survive even its first six months. If the citizens of Slovenia have at least a little bit of common sense, then the current stable and efficient government will get at least another four-year term.” With the upcoming elections, Štancar wants to see more fact-based decisions being made and less influence from those who cannot support their claims with evidence. He recently also said that he wants “less brainwashing by bluffers, self-proclaimed influencers, and monopoly structures of all kinds.”

“On Sunday, the 24th of April, I am counting on the victory of reason,” Štancar concluded his message.

Tanja Brkić

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