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Bulgarian member of the European Parliament provoked Tanja Fajon by mentioning Tito´s bloody crimes

Bulgarian member of the European Parliament and a member of the EPP Andrey Kovatchev castigated Tanja Fajon, during the debate about the Report of the progress of the Northern Macedonia, about the crimes of Tito´s communists.

In his speech in which he opposed the proposal of the SD and Greens, about the amendment that would denounce the “recent provocations of the Bulgarian state officials regarding the historical issues surrounding the Northern Macedonia, which was not passed, he said:

Colleagues especially from the Greens and from the Socialists: please wake up and open your eyes. I see colleague Fajon is after me. Is it for you a historical provocation towards the Slovenian people if I say something about the atrocities of the Tito’s Communists, especially, for example, in Huda Jama?

In his speech, he also warned that today everyone who claims Bulgarian identity is discriminated against in Northern Macedonia and said that he supports the expansion, as he sees it as the best way to overcome the dire consequences of communism.

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