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Supreme State Prosecutor Mirjam Kline, Who Is Slandering Janša’s Government in Brussels, Has a “Rich” History Back Home

At the beginning of March, the Association of State Prosecutors of Slovenia informed the Council of Europe about numerous “inadmissible” pressures on state prosecutors in Slovenia, which were allegedly being carried out by Prime Minister Janez Janša or his “subordinate” media outlets. In light of this, a representative of the Association of State Prosecutors of Slovenia, the Supreme State Prosecutor Mirjam Kline, addressed the European Parliament’s Democracy, Rule of Law and Fundamental Rights Monitoring Group on Friday, as part of a debate on media freedom and the rule of law in Slovenia. Suzana Kocjančič, a victim of Slovenia’s crooked judiciary, was especially critical of Kline’s address, as Kocjančič experienced first-hand what it is like when you do not see your 3-year-old child for 15 months because of Kline.

“This prosecutor, Mirjam Kline, who is lying to the Council of Europe about Janez Janša and the SDS party on prosecutors – Mirjam Kline (whose mother-in-law is Tatjana Kocjančič), Vlasta Nussdorfer and Nataša Pirc Musar are all friends who are afraid of losing their privileges and getting the doors closed in their faces, which would mean they would not be able to continue with their abuses,” Suzana Kocjančič, the mother whose 3-year-old child was taken away from her for 15 months because of Kline, critically wrote on the social network Twitter.

There was no pressuring
In Friday’s debate, where Prime Minister Janez Janša was censored, Kline was critical of the Prime Minister’s letter to the State Prosecutor General Drago Šketa from last summer, where Janša justifiably criticised the prosecutors for being passive, when no action was taken despite the escalating death threats. According to the Slovenian Press Agency, Kline assessed that the ruling policy wanted to reduce the autonomy of the prosecutors and influence the pre-trial proceedings with this manoeuvre. It is clear, of course, that this is just a continuation of the mantra of Janša supposedly being an evil character. Despite the fact that some people tried to portray the whole thing as pressure on the prosecution, the former Constitutional Court judge Tone Jerovšek, Ph.D., clearly and loudly emphasised that the Prime Minister’s warning was not, in fact, pressuring.

According to Jerovšek, it was merely a warning and expression of the Prime Minister’s dissatisfaction because there has not been enough reaction to such harsh threats. “He was not pressuring anyone, he did not blackmail them, did not interfere in the division of power. This has nothing to do with the division of power. The point is that the Prime Minister can clearly see that certain actions have begun appearing in society, which may also require a change in the legislation, proposed by the government to the National Assembly, which would thus regulate social relations. If the prosecutors claim that using the phrase “death to Janšaism” is not considered a criminal offence, given that they have recently dismissed a complaint related to this matter, then in this case, the matter may not be properly regulated. If threats and calls are being made for the murder of the Prime Minister, and not just anyone, this is a serious threat in our society, to which the prosecution should also pay attention,” the former Constitutional Court judge was clear.  

Victim of the crooked Slovenian judiciary, Suzana Kocjančič, has lived through a very sad chapter in her life. She was accused of kidnapping her three-year-old son, who was temporarily assigned to his father. She spent 15 months in custody. In connection with Kline, who joined the slander of the Prime Minister on Friday, she highlighted a short, corny video clip, which the unjust Supreme Prosecutor Mirjam Kline dedicated to her “best friend” from her friend group, Vlasta Nussdorfer. Watching the video is strongly discouraged for anyone who has diabetes. In the video, Kline states the following: “Vlasta is the person with the highest amount of personal energy I know. Her goodwill, positive attitude and exceptional emotional intelligence are just some of her qualities because of which I am honoured to be considered her friend.” Well, we were also able to get to know her “extraordinary emotional intelligence” more closely at a time when she was still the human rights ombudsman.  

Among other things, she will be remembered for supporting the kidnapping of children from their grandparents, which is a clear reflection of her “extraordinary emotional intelligence,” similar to Kline’s. She justified her actions with very bizarre excuses: “The benefits of grandparents are being put before the benefits of the child. Such an adoption could cause great difficulties for the child, especially due to confusion in kinship relations, as the adoption would legally make the child’s uncles and aunts their siblings and the father and mother would disappear from the kinship, as they would be legally replaced by the grandparents. We believe that no expert reasons have been found that would prove such a legal change would benefit the children.” This, of course, applies to the Carinthian boys case (Koroški dečki). But she became known for other bizarre things as well.

Among other things, she wanted to deprive soldiers of some of their police powers during the migrant crisis. Soldiers would still be able to remain at the border, but most of their powers would be taken away – with the exception of food distribution. Another of her top career moves is that she got a job at the Ministry of Agriculture. She certainly does not have any in-depth knowledge of the problems of farmers, but a job is a job. It is unmistakable that she grew up in socialism: It is only important that you are doing something, even if it is just warming up the office chair and stacking the forms. It is also interesting to note that in 2019, the day before International Women’s Day, the inaugural session of the Rural Women’s Council was held at the Ministry of Agriculture, chaired by none other than Nussdorfer. She was indeed born in the coastal countryside but later found that her stilettos feel most at home on the concrete.

Kocijančič also responded to the former Prime Minister Marjan Šarec in a tweet. “You promoted Mirjam Kline to the position of Supreme State Prosecutor after she put me in custody for 15 months because I took my son from my mother-in-law and took him home. Tell me, how can you even look in the mirror? You are a bad person! If anyone is paranoid, it is you, because of all of the bad things you have done!” We already reported on Nataša Pirc Musar yesterday. The Government of the Republic of Slovenia has denied her lies, which she told at the European Parliament’s conference on the media in Slovenia, about the Government Communication Office (Urad Vlade Republike Slovenije za komuniciranje).

Sara Kovač

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