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What an amazing “coincidence”! In the span of thirteen minutes, as many as three journalists from three different media sent almost identical emails!

We often hear phrases from the mainstream media and transition politicians, such as: independent media, independent journalists, free media and freelance journalists, and so on. We have repeatedly reported that these are just “briquettes” with which the deep state “feeds” its orthodox “sheep”, that they are nicely bred for “slaughter” (read elections). This time, however, the Požareport portal provided very concrete evidence. Three journalists from three different transitional media – POP TV, Večer, and Svet24 – almost simultaneously and with surprisingly similar journalistic questions (and on the same topic) flooded the Ministry of Defence. It appears to have been a coordinated cartel attack on Defence Minister Matej Tonin, who attended a NATO summit in Brussels.

The host of the show Faktor on TV3 and a former long-time member of the Social Democrats, Aljuš Pertinač, said some time ago that “Slovenian journalists or the majority media act in a coordinated manner as a media cartel in the service of the former regime”. On Tuesday, June 15th, 2021, in the morning, the Ministry of Defence was flooded with e-mails with journalistic questions. In fact, these were questions from three different media outlets, which arrived at the e-mail address of the public relations department within just thirteen minutes. At the same time, it must be said that they are almost identical in content, reports Požareport.

All the questions referred to the just-concluded NATO summit in Brussels, in which journalists questioned the participation of Defence Minister Matej Tonin in the meeting. The press question was first sent by Žana Vertačnik from Večer (at 10.20). This was followed by an e-mail from journalist Maja Račič from POP TV, with extremely similar content (at 10.31), and then from Luka Tetičkovič from Svet24 – the tabloid of media baron Martin Odlazek (at 10.33).

It is clear that it is almost impossible for three journalists, from three completely different media, to send journalistic questions almost simultaneously, which are, above all, almost identical and, after all, even addressed to the same addressee. Thus, we can conclude that it was a coordinated cartel operation of the central media. The journalists were like remote-controlled cars in this case. The remote was held in the hands of political actors from the background. The specific action was supposedly supported by a specific policy – of the LMŠ parties.

Following Požar’s hints, e-mails were supposedly sent to journalists and written down in indents by the uncle from the shadow of former Prime Minister Marjan Šarec – Damir Črnčec. In addition, the case proves that the mentioned journalists did not actually check the event at all and, like sheep, followed the call of their “shepherd”. After all, officially available NATO data show that 24 heads of state or government (out of a total of 30 NATO allies) also included defence ministers and foreign ministers in their delegations. In addition to Tonin, there were 20 other defence ministers in Brussels. This was also confirmed by Prime Minister Janez Janša, who critically emphasised the following: “By the way, there were many defence ministers from many countries at the NATO summit. Do Odlazek’s extensions of the LMŠ party think that ministers should be there to find discarded thrown away towels?”

Domen Mezeg

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