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Tomaž Vesel will no longer work in the bodies of FIFA! The transitional left is already promoting him as a new face!

“This possibility would exist if unreasonable, irrational, long-lasting attacks continued without any meaning. I do not see myself as a threat to either option. I see myself as a threat, as if we are in a status quo, in which, in my opinion, it is not good to be,” said Tomaž Vesel, President of the Court of Audit, in an interview with N1 Slovenia. His afternoon odyssey at FIFA also came to an end, as he was not re-elected to any of the bodies of the International Football Association.

All indications are that the dissatisfaction of the Slovenian public with the “afternoon” work at FIFA by the President of the Court of Audit of the Republic of Slovenia, Tomaž Vesel, has borne fruit. In an interview for the N1 Slovenia media, he said that he would no longer work in the FIFA bodies. As a reason, he said that FIFA has democratic principles of changing positions across federations, and that he has amassed too many “enemies” in his position at FIFA due to his successful work. Vesel’s career at FIFA was not as flawless as Vesel is selling his truth to the Slovenian public. We reported in our media that he covered the unreasonably expensive air flight of the current president of FIFA, Gianni Infantino, from Mexico to Switzerland. He was equally involved in a false indictment of FIFA Secretary-General Fatma Sambi Diouf Samouri. Because of this, he should get a life ban from acting in football, reported in the Norwegian magazine Josimar, which specialises in detecting scandals in international football. Equally, Vesel should not hold the aforementioned position at FIFA at all, as no person may work before taking office for five years in football. However, in 2015, Vesel took the position of vice-president of the Youth Football Commission at the Football Association of Slovenia.

He also honestly admitted that in the future it would be difficult to coordinate work at FIFA and work at the Court of Audit of the Republic of Slovenia, for which he is paid by Slovenian taxpayers. He once again boasted that with his work at FIFA he did not take anything from any Slovene, “at most I brought something to the tax and other coffers”. Interestingly, with this statement, Vesel once again admitted that he was in fact engaged in a gainful activity at the International Football Association, which the President of the Court of Audit of the Republic of Slovenia has always denied. He also assured that he would perform the work of the President of the RČ diligently, “as engaged as possible and I will continue to do so”. We can point out only one of the last cases of Vesel’s engagement, when he did not want to undertake an audit of the Chess Association of Slovenia, despite the calls of its concerned members regarding the financial acrobatics of the leadership under President Milan Brglez.

Tomaž Vesel is preparing the ground for the future “new face” of the transition network with promotional crying as a “victim of power” for Šolak’s N1 Slovenia

Tomaž Vesel still presents himself as a victim in the central Slovenian media owned by transitional Slovenian tycoons and Serbian businessman Dragan Šolak. He does not understand that in his work at FIFA he has been proven to have violated so many articles of Slovenian and European law that he should have left the position of the first auditor in the country a long time ago.

He prefers to be subjected to irrational, incomprehensible and long-lasting “attacks” on his work. However, Vesel should be aware that as a prominent public official, he must withstand both praise and criticism. But for the elect of the transitional elite, one tweet or critical article is an attack on their “independent” functioning. Vesel also proved this with his last statement, in which he accused the current government of endangering Slovenian democracy. In addition to him, Information Commissioner Mojca Prelesnik, CPC President Robert Šumi, and Human Rights Ombudsman Peter Svetina added their signatures. It was Šumi who legally and politically covered with his decision that there was nothing wrong with Vesel’s work at FIFA.

However, all indications are that after the end of his term in 2022, Vesel is seriously flirting with entering the Slovenian political arena. He also indicated this in statements in an interview with former Dnevnik journalist and now the driving force behind N1 Slovenia, Meta Roglič. Despite denying allegations of party formation, he recited clichés like a true “new” face. He thus calls for serious people to be found in Slovenia who would adopt a new concept for the successful operation of our country in the future. “Then there should be a political intervention. We put long-term care, youth employment, the issue of debt, and the management of public property on the agenda,” said Vesel.

We would like to remind the current President of the Court of Audit that he is one of the most responsible for responsible business with all state-owned companies, institutions, and sports federations. Here we can list only a few examples of which Vesel was silent and did not do his job as the Supreme Auditor. Why did he never do an audit in the case of Šarec’s Kamnik school, vascular splints, IranNLBgate, the operations of the Football and Chess Association of Slovenia?

It is the transition network that is responsible for the disappearance of more than 150 billion taxpayers’ money in Slovenia in the past thirty years. What is the role of the current President of the Court of Audit, Tomaž Vesel, we live up to you.

Luka Perš

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