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Under The Guise Of Protecting The “LGBTQ Minorities,” Gender Ideology Would Be Introduced Into Slovenian Schools!

The Ljubljana Pride Association (Društvo Parada ponosa) is exerting pressure on the Ministry of Education to participate in its project called “Transcending the Culture of Humiliation.” The Association has pointed out that “peer-to-peer violence is becoming an increasingly acute problem in schools.” They also believe that the school environment is the second most dangerous for “LGBTQ+ youth.” Is this actually an attempt to indoctrinate children under the guise of “protecting sexual minorities”?

Whereas the old Marxism needed the proletarians (and their resistance) to revalorise society, the new Marxism prefers to make use of the self-proclaimed sexual, racial, and other minorities. It is the modus operandi of deliberately creating the conditions for the penetration of ideology into society, especially educational institutions. According to the Slovenian Press Agency, the Ljubljana Pride Association has taken it upon itself to draw attention to peer-to-peer violence in schools, with “LGBTIQ+ youth” at the forefront. The project is entitled “Transcending the Culture of Humiliation.”

The aim is to sensitise the school staff and young people so that they can better recognise the negative impact of peer-to-peer violence. The Ministry of Education was asked several times for a meeting, but the Ljubljana Pride Association says there has been no response yet. The Association is playing the role of the victim, saying that they are not being listened to, and they are reportedly subjected to hateful comments. They complain that LGBTQ issues, especially in relation to the school system, are often perceived as ideology.

They also pointed out that there are “LGBTIQ+ young people” in schools, and that teachers have a responsibility to enable the entire population of young people to develop optimally. They also represent the interests of the so-called sexual minorities. According to their observations, violence in schools doubled from 22 percent to 44 percent between 2003 and 2014. A third of “LGBTIQ+ youth” and 43 percent of transgender people are reportedly victims of violence. At the same time, 74 percent of them are said to be hiding their gender identity, fearing peer-to-peer violence.

Domen Mezeg

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