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The State Is Prosecuting Entrepreneurs Because Of 2.63 Euros

Tax expert Ivan Simič recently pointed out on his website Simič and Partners a decision by the Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia (FURS), which concludes that during the audit of the cashier’s operations, the taxpayer had 2.63 euros more money in the cash register than the total of the recorded exchange and the interim closing of the cash register during the audit carried out on the 17th of January 2024, in violation of Article 31 of the Tax Procedure Act.

One of the main tasks of the current government – apart from promoting the green agenda that will make the Prime Minister rich – is trying to sabotage the economy and the citizens. The poorer the people and the more impoverished the economy, the more socialist voters there will be in the long term – they know how to reinvent themselves every time, and they will reinvent themselves this time, too, when Golob is gone. We recently got one more piece of evidence of this – the Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia is prosecuting traders for minor amounts.

If there is any doubt, the authorities should always be on the side of the accused

The Financial Administration is therefore accusing the entrepreneur of having 2.63 euros too much in terms of cash transactions – Article 31 of the Tax Procedure Act speaks of issuing invoices without the use of a computer programme or an electronic device in cash transactions. People who have ever worked with a cash register will tell you that mistakes are almost inevitable in cash transactions when dealing with customers. Hundreds of euros of cash can be turned over in a day, sometimes paid for in the form of ten-cent coins or even one-, two- and five-cent ‘copper’ coins.

Of course, it is easy to say that this is automatism, but it is not. The basic principle of public and state administration is the same as in litigation – when in doubt, the authority must always side with the individual (or company), because the other side is the unequal party (the state) – in criminal litigation, the Latin maxim in dubio pro reo (when in doubt, in favour of the accused) applies.

Was this the doing of the anti-economic Left party?

For the Financial Administration to penalise a company for having 2.63 euros too much in its cash register completely violates this principle – and the instructions for such an impoverishment of entrepreneurs must have come from the top, set up by the Golob government. If an entrepreneur wanted to cheat, he would simply pocket the extra money and not keep it in the cash register. It would therefore appear that this is yet another dictate from the top of politics, sovereignly managed by the anti-economic Left party (Levica). Entrepreneurs must be destroyed, and as many socialists as possible must be created.

What is most significant is that virtually no tycoon or PID baron has ever been jailed for tax evasion in Slovenia. Billions of euros of public funds have been siphoned off from the country. The former Tax Administration of the Republic of Slovenia (DURS) and today’s Financial Administration pretended as if nothing of the sort had happened. Instead, today – apparently at the behest of political extremists – they are persecuting working people for 2.63 euros.

M. I.

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