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It is clearly time for the government to be impeached

After everything that we have seen recently, it is clearly time for the government to be impeached, says the leader of the opposition, Janez Janša, who has listed a number of reasons for holding the very top of the executive political branch accountable, which we are publishing below.

  1. The Social Democrats (Socialni demokrati – SD) network, under the baton of Secretary-General Žibert, organised the super-expensive purchase of a building on Litijska Street. Probably to finance the purchase of the new headquarters of the party in question on Nazorjeva Street. Namely, a party with six MPs and high debts has bought another location in the middle of Ljubljana, in addition to the Jewish villa. And the party’s President, Tanja Fajon, is sure to be all for it. It is impossible that the party chairwoman would not know about such a project.
  2. The Minister of Justice, Dominika Švarc Pipan, promised to secure additional money from the Ministry of Finance, and she did just that. She got the said money from the state reserve. In no government can this be done without the prior green light from the Minister of Finance and the Prime Minister. At the same time, both of them must have known that the state had not even done its appraisal of the building that was to be bought. This is, in fact, always the first question of any Prime Minister on such proposals, apart from the price.
  3. The government then formally approved the purchase, and only then did the Minister of Justice sign the contract. Since everything had already been agreed upon, Boštjančič wired the money for the purchase the next day.
  4. When the affair broke out, the objectively most responsible person, the head of the body that finally decided on the controversial purchase, suddenly turns into an investigator??????? This is only possible in Slovenia, because the mainstream media is buying it and covering up something that in any normal country would be obvious to everyone on day one. Because here, even logically, there are only two possible explanations: either Prime Minister Robert Golob has been involved in the controversial business with the tacit consent of the Ministry of Finance from the very beginning, or he is so incompetent that millions from the state reserve are being spent before his eyes by secretaries of government parties. And in the latter case, the matter would be even worse. Because then the question arises of how many more Litijska Street affairs are hidden under the carpet.

C. Š.

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