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The Deep State Is Attacking Nova24TV Through Telekom

The totalitarian authorities are now trying to silence us through Telekom, by changing the programming scheme. Namely, our media outlet, Nova 24, will be deliberately moved from eighth place to 701st place! Viewers and readers who care about critical voices being heard in Slovenia are invited to call and write to Telekom. You are also invited to cancel your subscription, just like in the case of RTV Slovenia. Let us support the truth together!

The spirit of Čebine, where the founding congress of the Communist Party of Slovenia was held in 1937, is truly coming alive again in today’s Slovenia. The totalitarian Robert Golob and the deep state are carrying out a pogrom against the media that do not dance to the tune of their “The Internationale.” Most recently, they have abused the state-owned Telekom Slovenije in order to reduce the viewership of the TV programmes of our media house. All three programmes will be downgraded. For example, Nova 24 will be moved from eighth place to 701st place! The change is planned for the 20th of September, 2023. Telekom’s excuse is that the change is to unify the content strands across the whole programme schedule. For us, this means an automatic loss of a large number of viewers.

This is the TV programme that ranks 3rd and 5th in the most-watched periods!

Telekom has 160,000 subscribers and reaches about half a million viewers, but there is no professional reason for such an intervention. It is even known that according to Telekom’s official measurement data, our television channels are in 3rd and 5th place in terms of viewership, in the most watched periods. That is why it is obvious that this is a political decision. A fierce and immediate revolt is the key!

Let’s stop their planned introduction of the one-party rule: call and write to Telekom in protest!

Is this what we fought for in 1991?! That those for whom Slovenia has never been the “preferred option” will reintroduce the idea that only one type of media is allowed here, which we resolutely opposed in the plebiscite?! The time has come to resist the “feudalism” which is only oppressing us with high taxes, and to tell the bourgeoisie in no uncertain terms that we will not go along with that! You are invited to protest, call and write to Telekom. Enough of the first class! You are also invited to cancel your subscription, just like in the case of the national media outlet, RTV Slovenia!

We have already reported several times about what happened at Telekom Slovenije in the period after the Golob government came to power. First, the coalition, through its branches, arranged for the change of the Supervisory Board, then the management was replaced, followed by the replacement of managers in the subsidiaries, including TS Media, from where Rajko Gerič was expelled, as was Peter Jančič, the former editor of the Siol portal – and, of course, they installed the proven cadres of the transitional left in their places. And it is this very power that has been brainwashing us with “depoliticisation” all along!

We also asked Telekom Slovenije about the change, and here is the response we got from them: “We are constantly adding new content to the TV programme schedule and updating it accordingly, by combining individual content strands into meaningful units. We are therefore planning a major update of the programme scheme, which will affect more than 250 TV programmes. However, trends and the way we watch TV content have been changing for some time, as users want to access content as quickly and easily as possible. Accordingly, Telekom Slovenije developed the NEO TV platform almost five years ago, where the focus is no longer on the number of the programme channel, as it used to be, but on the way users search for TV content in Slovenian – namely, using their voice, they search for content by pronouncing the name of the TV programme, show or event they want to watch, they search for content by pronouncing the name of, for example, an actor, they search for content with a voice command by genre or category (e.g. sports, documentary, news, film, music, etc.), they search for content with a voice command by genre or category (e.g. ), video libraries, YouTube, etc. Searching for content with a voice command is now commonplace and is one of the most popular features we offer. The most common voice command is the name of the TV programme you want to watch, with 93 million such voice commands having been used last year.

Almost all of our NEO subscribers access content via voice commands, and from November this year, NEO will be used by everyone, as we are in the final stages of replacing older technology with a modern NEO platform.

The viewers can adjust the order of TV programmes at any time to suit their taste, or add the programmes they watch most often to their list of favourites. For instructions on how to sort TV programmes, please visit our website, “Sorting TV programmes on NEO – Telekom Slovenije”.

Domen Mezeg

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