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Migrants Stabbed A Person In A Fight In Vič; Several People Were Injured

Last week, we received a letter from a citizen of Ljubljana who is concerned about the situation in the city due to illegal migrants. He revealed that an illegal migrant had recently attacked and cut a Slovenian citizen in Vič and that “there was a whole raid again, with cops in vests and everything.” Now, after media enquiries, the Ljubljana Police Directorate has confirmed that a violent incident took place in Ljubljana last week.

The Ljubljana Police Directorate confirmed that the incident did indeed take place and that the people involved were migrants from the Vič Asylum Centre. Police officers were informed of a dispute and a fight between several persons on the Mestni Log road in the Vič area. Upon arrival at the scene, police officers first restored and ensured public order and prevented the conflict from continuing, reports the media outlet LjubljanaInfo.

The web portal also reports that a person was bleeding at the scene and, according to initial information, was injured by a sharp object, so the police requested the assistance of the emergency medical services, who treated the person, who was then taken by ambulance to the University Medical Centre in Ljubljana. The police officers also found that there were several other lightly injured persons in the vicinity, three of whom required further medical treatment and were taken away from the scene by ambulance, while one person was treated at the scene by medical workers.

Police try to conceal the fact that illegal migrants commit crimes

The Ljubljana Police Directorate also explained that “interviews with all those involved, as well as witnesses, were conducted regardless of the racial or religious affiliation of the persons.” The fact is, however, that, like the media, police reports to the public often conceal the fact that a burglary, robbery, beating or even a more serious crime was committed by a migrant. Only after enquiries are made is the correct information given to the media, while if the crime is committed by a local person, this is automatically recorded in the press release.

The citizen who contacted our editorial office also noted: “We cannot even talk about this. If you even mention it, you will be branded a racist by the idiocy of the left. We must be quiet and let them do as they please. Because they are poor and because we are tolerant.” He went on to say that Ljubljana has turned into a ghetto in the last few months. “I don’t feel safe going out in the evening anymore,” he said, adding that more and more black migrants are roaming the streets. “They take buses for free; they shoplift in stores; they shoplift here at the petrol station in Vič, and they live here at our expense. And nobody is talking about it.”

The asylum centre in Ljubljana has been facing a serious space shortage for a long time now. This is one of the reasons why police officers monitor the area around the asylum centre on a daily basis and adapt their operational work to the security situation. However, the Vič district, where the asylum centre is located, is witnessing an increasing number of crimes, ranging from fights, robberies in broad daylight, and even knife attacks.

Sara Kovač

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