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SDS MP Alenka Jeraj: “Hating Janša cannot be a value, but colleagues from KUL and Robert Golob proclaim it every day!”

Hating Janša cannot be a value, but colleagues from KUL and Robert Golob proclaim it every day. You have to cooperate in politics with many people, the SDS proved this because we care about Slovenia, because we have a vision, a programme that we have been trying to fulfil for the last two years,” said SDS MP Alenka Jeraj in last night’s show Politično, after the leader of the LMŠ parliamentary group, Brane Golubović, claimed that in KUL they share very similar values with Golob, which makes them allies.

Regarding the sale of Slovenian hotels or a share in the Sava, time is running out when it is possible to say whether the state or the authorities authorised to do so will exercise the pre-emption right. As the opposition has already submitted a request to discuss this in committee, MP Alenka Jeraj emphasised that she believes that this should not be a matter for the parliament, but for the SSH, i.e., those who take care of state property.

Jeraj went on to explain that it should be borne in mind that Sava hotels were sold because of losses, because of minuses. “I do not know if it makes sense to buy something that has a big minus, and as you said yourself, a lot needs to be invested in these hotels. We should have thought about that when we were selling,” she pointed out, adding that the SDS party would take part in the debate on the exercise of the pre-emption right in parliament.

The state has so far proved to be a bad landowner

“As far as I know, the possibility of buying for 34 million was already on the table last year, now the price is higher. I do not know if it makes sense to buy and then we will not have the money to rehabilitate it as it should,” she pointed out, adding that Slovenia wants to be a tourist destination with boutique matters, but we know that we are being overtaken in this area from left and right. According to Jeraj, the question is whether we have a good landowner for this and if we have the money to renovate the hotel, to put it in a boutique hotel. “So far, this is not the case, and the question is whether it makes sense to invest so much money in it, but we do not know what will happen. The state has so far proved to be a bad landowner. We advocate that someone who also comes with their own capital can do much more and is also more interested in making things go as they should.”

Hating Janša cannot be a value

The measurements show well for the new party of Robert Golob Svoboda, the host of the show Politično Tanja Gobec emphasised. “What does Golob have that KUL does not have or vice versa? I am asking about the differences, considering that you have already had your first introductory meetings,” she asked Golubović. He replied that they certainly share very similar values, which makes them allies. “But I can say what LMŠ has, which Golob and his party do not have yet. LMŠ has values, principles, a programme, an extremely good team, which is also reflected in the parliamentary group and experience in both the government and the opposition, and of course a lot of responsibility to the state,” he added. Jeraj did not remain indebted to Golubović and emphasised that hating Janša cannot be a value, but her colleagues from KUL and Golob proclaim it daily.

According to Jeraj, it is completely crazy to go to the polls with this. You must cooperate with many people in politics, which the SDS has also proven. “We also worked with the parties that stripped our president of his mandate.” She emphasised that they care about Slovenia, but we also have a vision, a programme that they have been trying to fulfil for the last two years. “We are convinced that we can cooperate with Povežimo Slovenijo movement because they have similar values as us. But we will see what happens in the end. It is a group of several parties, and it also depends on who will be elected to parliament, how and in which areas we will cooperate,” she concluded.

Finally, there was talk of threats to politicians, more specifically letters of ammunition. As Golubović said, it is the duty of every responsible politician to be aware that nothing grows faster when a person sows hatred, fear, and doubt, and added that this government is unfortunately supposed to do so on both social networks and in the performances, Jeraj added that the inscription death to Janšism at the protests could be seen in the RTV studio. “People are threatening with death and so on. This encourages some dissatisfied people in our society to allow themselves more. I hope that it will not end in a serious incident that may happen,” she added.

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