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OECD: Wages In Slovenia Fell By 2.8 Percent

The 2.8% real fall in our wages from the first quarter of 2022 to the first quarter of 2023 is further proof of the incompetence of the current government. It is even more proof that it is time for the authorities to step down. 

The fact that we have a grossly inefficient government under the leadership of the manager Robert Golob is also proven by the OECD’s recent data. Our wages have fallen by 2.8% in real terms from the first quarter of 2022 to the first quarter of 2023. This is yet another in a series of defeats for this team, as former Environment Minister Andrej Vizjak put it well: “During the worst floods in Cerkno, the people in power refused European funding for flood protection. This is probably due to their assessment that the projects cannot be implemented within the deadline (meaning before 2026) because they require a lot of operational work and trained officials, which are already in short supply. We are dealing with a very dysfunctional set-up that is not capable of implementing projects that would benefit people and respond to climate change.”

The profession opposes the way the problem of long-term care is being handled, yet Golob is refusing to change his ways!

The incompetence in dealing with the problem of long-term care is also noteworthy. Despite strong opposition from the profession on how to tackle the issue, Golob is set in his ways … Golob’s bill is opposed by employers, trade unions, social work centres, the Community of Social Institutions, and pensioners.
And let’s not even mention the catastrophic situation in the healthcare sector … There is much talk about reforms, but nothing is done. People are still dying while waiting to get to the doctors. And with the astronomical prices of electricity, there is a sharp decline in consumption and, consequently, in production. In June, electricity consumption in manufacturing was a fifth lower than last year and even a tenth lower than during the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic (June 2020). The July data on sentiment in the European and Slovenian economies imply a deepening of the negative trends in manufacturing and a slowdown in services.

Is it time for Golob’s non-operational government set to say goodbye?

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia has announced that electricity consumption in the Slovenian economy (excluding households) continues to fall sharply, pointing to a significant cooling of the economy in the second quarter. Will Golob try to convince us that this is not the case, that he has different, more optimistic data and forecasts? We should also highlight the rising prices of food and other energy products, the destruction of agriculture, the neglected pensioners, the destruction of the independent media, the judiciary, and the brutal subjugation of the police. Slovenia is also a less safe country after one year of Golob’s rule, as confirmed by foreign surveys – for example, the Global Peace Index. The reason for this is the increase in the number of illegal crossings of the country’s borders. We recently reported on the rise in thefts and rapes as a result of illegal migration. We also should not forget Golob’s Balkan dealings, which the Prime Minister has still not properly explained. Is it time for Golob to say goodbye?

Domen Mezeg

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