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Janez Janša: No One Should Be Alone In Times Of Misfortune!

Former Prime Minister and President of the Slovenian Democratic Party (Slovenska demokratska stranka – SDS), Janez Janša, responded to the severe flooding that has hit much of the country in the last two days. He called on his fellow citizens to help each other and show solidarity. In his view, the floods are taking on the proportions of a national catastrophe.

The heavy rainfall has pushed the country into a state of emergency. Power outages are being reported across the country, helicopter rescues are being carried out for those trapped on rooftops, and water is contaminated in some parts of the country and needs to be boiled. Civil protection is still unable to access some areas. Meteorologists report that heavy rains are expected to continue.

The President of the SDS party has spoken out in this emergency situation, and we are publishing his account in its entirety.

“Beware! This flooding is turning into a national disaster. Let’s join others in helping save people and property. Let’s do our best to help the mayors, the protection and rescue services which are part of the Civil Protection, and, above all, let’s help the firefighters. Many members of Fire Brigades are absent due to holidays abroad, or they are stuck in places that are inaccessible. Let’s take their place. Let’s follow the instructions of those in charge. Let’s call the older members of our families and anyone we know who is in the areas at risk and organise help for them. No one should be alone in times of misfortune! Together, we can greatly mitigate the effects of this disaster,” wrote Janša.

Ž. K.

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