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Nika Kovač thrown into the election campaign for billions of left-wing NGOs

“Muki’s messengers of the people (57 non-governmental organisations) have received 71,921,694.01 euros of taxpayers’ money since 2003,” they wrote on the portal. Journalist Luka Perš, under the auspices of Filip Dobranić, listed non-governmental organisations that are diligently milking taxpayers’ money – among them the “non-wasteful” March 8, which is quite unusual at first glance. But in reality, this is a planned move, as Kovač is being sent into a political struggle to recoup the lost millions to non-governmental organisations.

Wondering why the head of the NGO March 8 is appearing in the election campaign, even though they are not running as a party and have open election accounts? The answer is in the palm of our hand if we look at the revenues of NGOs and their appetites for the future. Cash flow will flow to left-wing non-governments only on the condition that the left is in power. For decades, it has been building a network of political para-organisations for which it has allocated billions of euros, and the centre-right government of Janez Janša is an obstacle, as it spends money on building old people’s homes, long-term care, investments, development, lower taxes instead of investing it with non-governmental organisations.

If we take a closer look at the work of the Institute March 8, it is quickly clear that they are mainly involved in creating pseudo-events, which they then cash in on for their own benefit. It should be reminded that at the session in February last year, the government determined the text of the proposed amendment to the Criminal Code and sent it to the National Assembly. The proposal introduced changes in the chapter on crimes against sexual integrity in such a way that the existence of the crime of rape will no longer be necessary for the perpetrator to use force. The government also determined the text of the proposed amendment to the Public Prosecutor’s Office Act. The Institute March 8 and the opposition then accused the government of overcoming the will of the people with its role in proposing amendments to the provisions of the Criminal Code on the definition of rape – as the institute has already collected the required 5,000 signatures. The government was therefore faster, and it was obviously more important to the institute to sell the proposed amendment for its own than the goal.

As with their petition, “only yes means yes,” there was also a “drinking water” referendum, where they were more concerned about the inflow of funds than drinking water. The amendment to the water law, which they fought against, would in fact introduce additional water protection, close the taps of existing villa builders, and at the same time allow free access to water and ensure flood safety. Addressing the signatories of the referendum initiative was therefore a diametric contrast to what the Water Act would bring. We see a similar story now that they are collecting petition signatures demanding the return of Studio City – which in fact no one has cancelled at all but will return on its own after the election. However, March 8 will probably attribute this again to its activism – that Nika Kovač receives some praise from the Obama Foundation. Although it is true that March 8 does not receive taxpayers’ money, it has been revealed in the past that Kovač enjoys a job at the Pionirski dom at the expense of taxpayers. There is information on the Internet that other members of March 8 are also living at the expense of Pionirski dom, under the leadership of the former influential mayor from the ranks of the LDS, Vika Potočnik.

At the prestigious New York University, Nika Kovač is one of two groups of individuals from around the world – supposedly the only one from the European Union – recognised by the Barack Obama Foundation as “leaders of the future”, based on significant contributions to community development. The Obama Scholars programme, under the auspices of former U.S. President Barack Obama, is designed to educate individuals who have shown their commitment to a better and fairer society. Kovač also collaborated with the creative director of the Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders campaign, Arun Chaudhary, through the “I am going to vote” movement. Obama is said to have noticed her campaign with the petition “only yes means yes”, as well as the widespread mobilisation of people in the referendum on water. Jeff Bezos also donated as much as $100 million to the Obama Foundation last November – not to mention how he exploits the workers himself. In short, these are deliberately selected individuals, of course, to spread ideology – Obama learned mainly from a left-wing activist named Saul D. Alinsky, who was the author of “Rules for the Radicals”. Mr Alinski’s goal is described as follows: “(the crowd of our people) must feel so disappointed, so defeated, so lost, so without a future in the prevailing system, that they are willing to give up the past and change the future.”

Kovač is said to be privately in connection with the secretary of the Levica parliamentary group Matej Kolenc. As we have already written, Kolenc is a so-called Gregor Golobič of the Levica party and most of the important decisions are in his hands. Due to Kolenc’s power in the Levica party, he was nicknamed the head of the family. It is known that left-wing political parties in Slovenia skilfully nurture and “extend” their political agenda in non-governmental organisations. There are some non-governmental organisations that are politically extremely motivated and activated when the Slovenian transition network needs them to achieve its goals, and which are, of course, heavily paid from the budget for their activism. The founder of March 8 is Simon Maljevac, who is also a member of the Levica party – all indications are that Kovač’s institute is a satellite of the Levica party.

The Open Society mostly funds smaller players, and the Obama Foundation trains the next generation of activists

Members of the “woke” ideology are convinced of their moral superiority in relation to dissidents, usually more conservatively defined individuals. In the desire for dominance, they tackle changing society with approaches such as measuring privilege on a colour scale, undermining the authority of public order bodies with calls for the abolition of the police and breaking social norms regarding gender reassignment or the predominance of gender identity over biological sex. The opponent is ridiculed, marginalised, labelled (with “racists”, “fascists”, “homophobes”) and then excluded from public space and discourse. This also happened to former U.S. President Donald Trump, in Slovenia the pattern of “awakeners” has been well received in the last two years, when Janez Janša returned to power, and Slovenia regained a centre-right government. “March 8 is nothing more than an inflated Hollywood spectacle backed by Barack Obama’s woke ideology. Remember, Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize and then did war ravages in Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, and Syria. So do not be surprised that Nikica was chosen Slovene in 2021 in Odlazek’s Jana. Nikica is nothing but an inflated mortgage CDO from the movie Big Short,” commented journalist Perš.

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