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MP Jure Ferjan: Threats against the SDS party are also threats against its 222.042 voters

Constant pressuring and threats against the SDS party, as well as the other parties of the coalition, are not slowing down. Quite the opposite, they are escalating. Jure Ferjan, the youngest SDS MP, is very worried about this.

“Death threats against the Prime Minister Janez Janša are also death threats against the largest party in the National Assembly, SDS, and more than 222,000 of its voters. Article 353 of the Criminal Code stipulates a prison sentence of at least 15 years for this crime. In practice, however, this has been declared freedom of speech in Slovenia,” the SDS MP Jure Ferjan wrote on Twitter, stressing that it was time for this to change.

No convening of a session helps, no condemnation of threats helps. Neither the media nor the prosecution is helping. The threats are an integral part of left-wing politics, just like the pressuring of the MPs who think differently than they do.

Leftist threats against the 222,042 voters of the SDS party?
The attacks that happen solely because someone has a different belief, different values, or a different worldview are unacceptable. This problem escalates dangerously and quickly shifts in the field of exclusion and to physical attacks on individual facilities in which individuals or organisations operate, and to verbal violence on social networks, or even shouting and calling for death in the streets and the protests.

And the death threats made against the largest parliamentary party, with which we can connect the term “Janšaism,” target a large group of people. At least 35,000 members of the party and 222,000 voters of that same party. And as the SDS MP Jure Ferjan said, in a normal state with the rule of law, this should be convicted under the Criminal Code, which stipulates a prison sentence of at least 15 years for such actions, under Article 353. In our country, however, this is considered to be freedom of speech.


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