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Superman is a Pop TV journalist!

After the publication of the article »How the journalist Tepina fell into his own trap or Evidence of criminal investigators hidding crime in their kinds through the media«, a journalist Pop TV (Mrs. Nika Kunaver), owner of watchdog 2016, that is a member of the eminent club of top shit members of Slovenian journalism, as a note on my article and defense of their reporting published the following:

“That there will not be too many conspiracy theories, fantasies and “now there is no doubt« … I attach the answer of the Special Department of the SDT to a simple journalistic question … ps: I am attaching this because I sent a press question.”

By doing so, of course, she exposed me and showed who in this saga, in which the editor Tepina proves my Orban-fascist engagement in the prosecution of the police and the prosecution, is the one who distorts the truth. That’s me, of course. It is clear from her message that they were informed by the prosecution of the rejection of the criminal complaint I had filed against the NPU criminals in the Farrokh case. Consequently, my statement that the prosecution did not inform anyone about this is not true, so it is also not true that Tepina could only get information from the police, which finally means that Tepina does not have any resources from the police, at least as described by the author of this article.

But do you know what’s even more interesting? I have never filed a criminal complaint. A criminal complaint that Pop TV knows about has been dismissed and does not exist! The billion-euro question is, how could the prosecution dismiss a criminal complaint that doesn’t even exist? There is, of course, a suspicion of a criminal report, but to believe that the prosecution does not know the difference between a criminal complaint and the announcement of a suspicion of a criminal offense is serious. Even if Pop TV wanted you to place such a fantasy in the domain of reality. In order to accept the presumption of the editor Tepina, you must internalize that you can provide the prosecutor’s office with the announcement of a suspicion of a criminal offense, and the prosecutor’s office then rejects the criminal complaint. Something doesn’t go together here, does it? And there’s something else that doesn’t go together here. Below is the answer related to the announcement of the suspicion of a crime, which was sent to the online media you are just reading by the prosecution:

Interesting, isn’t it? The prosecution does not mention the indictment, but the suspicion, that is, the suspicion of announcing the crime. I don’t know about you, but I doubt that the prosecution doesn’t know what it is answering, and at the same time I think Tepina knows exactly what he wants to say. And if you read further, the prosecution replies that there was no communication with anyone in this regard. There was no explanation for the rejection of the suspicion, which is especially interesting, given that you read the explanation by Tepina on 15 February on the 24ur portal, which ended with the fact that after this refusal, all political pressure on the police is over. If I also suggest that the prosecution did not inform me of what happened to the announcement of the suspected crime, and Pop TV was supposed to be notified, then you can understand how ridiculous the spin attempt takes place on Pop TV. In other words, the prosecution should have informed me whether it is true, that it is raining, and Pop TV reports that the prosecution has rejected my allegations that the birthday of the journalist Tepina is a holiday of the International Ski Federation. This, of course, means that Pezdir is a Hungarian fascist, a Horty and Orban fan.

And 24ur also convinces you that it is not uncommon for the prosecution to first inform their editorial office how a procedure has ended, and only then inform the parties involved who have a legal interest in the case (me and the NPU criminal investigators).

However, in order for the article not to be merely technical in nature or to turn out to be a clash between the two media, let me continue with some interesting elements of the investigation into the Iranian laundry. Now that it has been proven that all Iranian transactions were of a business nature, we have to ask ourselves what was actually going on. I’m sure we’ll have the answers in the coming days, as the questions we’re going to open are a ‘little snack’ for editor Tepino.

In a previous article, we showed that Ana Karenina received a $ 40,000 remittance from Ira Farrokhzadeh. Since this transaction, as Tepina claims, is an ordinary business transaction, the question arises as to why Ana Karenina received these funds? To find out, I went to read Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy’s novel again. Unfortunately, nowhere does it indicate why Ana Karenina would need these funds. I was thinking of asking the prosecutor’s office, but it seemed to me that there would be no real answer and that I could leave it to the 24ur website. Anyway, I tried anyway. These are my current working thesis and I am very interested in how Tepina will evaluate them and what the former state prosecutor Brezigar will say about it: first, Ana Karenina and Alexei Voronin need them as an investment in cryptocurrency, second, Ana Karenina needs new furniture, and third, Ana Karenina wants to donate these funds to a fund of victims of Pezdir’s insulting attacks on police and prosecutors.

A harder nut to crack is the question of what Superman will do with the four million that the Iranian – in a normal and legal business transaction – sent him. I have dealt with this question a little more deeply and I have to admit that I do not have the right answer. One possibility is that Superman invested $ 4 million in Tesla because Musk promised to develop protection against kryptonite. But I admit, it doesn’t work, I can’t find the answer. But I’m not really afraid of being left without an answer. Why? In case you haven’t forgotten, Superman, Ira Farrokhzadeh’s business partner, has his own secret alias as Clark Kent. Why is this important? Because Superman in his human form is actually a journalistic colleague of the editor of Tepina! Do you understand how close we are to the final solution to the problem? We’ve never been closer! Tepina and his watchdogs can call Clark Kent, who gives them Superman on the phone, who finally explains why he needed $ 4 million from the Iranian and where he intends to invest it! Of course, I hope that former prosecutor Brezigar will read this article, as he is certainly interested in Superman’s confirmation that the Iranian did business with Superman quite legally.

But I have to be honest and admit that there is another way to solve the case. Matjaž Nemec can convene KNOVS and interrogate both Ana Karenina (perhaps also Alexei Voronin) and Superman (and of course Clark Kent) and demand answers from them. Let Superman and Karenina explain to the German what Brezigar and Tepina already know – that everything was legal. By doing so, KNOVS could come to the last missing piece, which it was unable to obtain at the December finish of the investigation, and would prove Sova’s abuse in the Farrokh case. People don’t worry, the KNOVS finding will be waiting for you on Nemec’s Twitter, just as you were greeted last week by his tweet with an article by Jure Tepina and a comment that now we have proof of how I was involved in the abuse of the Sova.

Rado Pezdir is a professor of economics, publicist and regular commentator on the show Faktor.

This article was first published HERE.

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