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MP Janja Sluga once claimed that the referendum is the foundation of democracy. And today?

Wherever the wind blows, Janja Sluga sails. After abandoning her fellow MPs during her previous mandate, she declared the referendum a fundamental tool of democracy. Today, apparently, she feels completely different. How else can we explain her silence when the official position of her new party is that the referendums proposed by the SDS are just a waste of money?

“The right of citizens to co-decide on important issues in a referendum is the foundation of democracy. I will exercise my civic right and duty on Sunday. I invite you to take advantage of it and participate in the referendum.” This is what Sluga wrote a few days before the water referendum. If the MP from Celje has not changed her mind and has completely different views on democracy today, the question arises, why does she not raise her voice against the clearly authoritarian impulses of her new party colleagues?

Today, Gibanje Svoboda party says that the call for a referendum on RTV is a completely unnecessary waste of taxpayers’ money, which can be read in a note on the party’s website. “And this is what they destructively do in the largest opposition party,” wrote Mojca Šetinc Pašek, a member of the Gibanje Svoboda party, who was said to be a completely “independent” journalist before public political activation.

What does Sluga really think about democracy?
The questions asked above are, of course, purely rhetorical in nature. It is clear that Sluga is speaking according to principle, a new day, a new government, and that the MP is publicly speaking what is useful to her in the short term. Yesterday that was the government of Janez Janša, which wanted to harm her, and today Robert Golob is in power, whom for the time being she does not want to harm. Given her history of bullying, that too may change soon. These are short-term and poorly thought-out considerations.

What Sluga thinks privately about the referendum as a tool of democracy is a big question. Evil mouths would say that she does not think anything of democracy, at least not original. Just as Tanja Fajon has no formed views on foreign policy, on which the former foreign minister warned a few days ago in an article entitled Dimitrij Rupel: Tanja Fajon does not have her own beliefs in the field of foreign policy.

Andrej Žitnik

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