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Magna Announces Mass Layoffs

Workers at the Magna pain shop in Hoče were shocked by the news that production will stop next week. The President of the Confederation of Trade Unions of Slovenia, Gvido Novak, spoke on their behalf. The Mayor of Hoče, Marko Soršak, also expressed his disappointment at what had happened.

The workers at the Magna plant in Hoče were expecting some changes, but according to the President of the Confederation of Trade Unions of Slovenia (KSS), Gvido Novak, they are shocked by the news of the closure of the plant because they will be made redundant. Their work at the factory will end at the end of the week, the Slovenian Press Agency reports.

What will follow is a waiting period until all the legally required procedures in case of mass redundancies are completed. In the meantime, the company will give them 90 percent of their salary instead of the 80 percent required by law. Hoče Mayor Marko Soršak also expressed his disappointment with the situation at Magna. He is particularly sorry that the company had not received the environmental approval needed to start production before November 2021.

The site could have also been used for the mass production of electric cars Ocean from the USA brand Fisker. They are now assembled in Graz, Austria, instead of Hoče. The Mayor admitted that the matter had dragged on for more than three years, which was too long. He hoped that the investor would find another client as soon as possible and that what was planned would be built on the site.

The paint shop is moving to Graz

Much has already been done in this direction. The Canadian-Austrian Magna Group announced today that work at the Hoče paint shop will stop as of next week. Due to the market situation and current customer needs, the company plans to restructure production and will now be based in Graz.

Domen Mezeg

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