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How Minister Asta Vrečko exerted political pressure on RTV employees

The extreme left wing of RTV journalists again put pressure on their colleagues yesterday. Among them was Tatjana Pirc, a member of the Strategic Council for the Prevention of Hate Speech, and Culture Minister Asta Vrečko came to help them “depoliticise”.

“I am standing here unfortunately not because I do not know what is going on, but because I share the frustration, because I am angry. I again call on the management to resign. Such an institution is not well managed. When the management is in such a conflict with the employees, nothing can be done. Public RTV belongs to all employees,” said the Minister – a member of the far-left political party Levica in front of the gathered handful, who represented less than five percent of the employees, while most people were working.

A hate-fuelled fighter against hate speech

Journalist Tatjana Pirc said, among other things, “we are on strike at RTV, we are here again in front of the entrance to the television house. We are RTV.” As she said, they are not only on strike in front of the television station in Ljubljana, but also in Koper and Maribor. Filled with obvious pathological irrational hatred, a prominent member of the strategic council for the fight against hate speech continued as follows: “I am on strike because the public RTV has been occupied by a clique of dilettante political apparatchiks, in conjunction with uppity upstarts, who take advantage of an opportunity that would never have been given if I would consider the quality of their work.”

Yes, you heard that right – a member of the strategic council for the prosecution of hate speech carried out an obvious hate-fuelled mobbing of Luka SvetinaNejc KrevsValentina Plaskan and many others who had the misfortune of joining the collective recently.

Cognitive dissonance

Apparently, the left and the Levica party simply do not understand that it is completely at odds with common sense if a politician depoliticises and if a fighter against hate speech utters hateful, unfounded slander against colleagues. We have entered an Orwellian world where nothing is as it seems, and every truth is filtered through the Ministry of Truth. It seems that Asta Vrečko and Tatjana Pirc are really convinced that they are right. The first one really thinks that she is “depoliticising” with politics despite being trapped in her infantile black and white world of good socialists and bad conservatives, the second really thinks that she shares the opinion of all Slovenians when she insults the new leaders and journalists of RTV Slovenia, who have proven themselves to be objective and professional (much more so than the “old guard” on the other side). In such a world, it is also completely normal for the Minister of Culture to continuously send the Inspectorate for Media and Culture to RTV Slovenia as a tool for abuse of power and harassment of the RTV management, and it is also normal for the Prime Minister to clearly state that he made a mistake when he did not directly subordinate the RTV institute.

Andrej Žitnik

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