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Hamas Supporter Indoctrinated Children From A Slovenian Grammar School

The fact that Slovenian schools are no longer immune to left-wing indoctrination has been known for some time now. This was also evidenced, among other things, by the recent revelation by Zala Klopčič, who revealed on her YouTube channel that she had been informed by students of Gimnazija Šentvid – the Šentvid Grammar School, which she herself attended, about the indoctrination and propaganda that has been happening at their school. The students were lectured by, among others, Erik Valenčič, a former journalist of the public broadcaster Radio-Television Slovenia (RTVS), who is best known to the public as a supporter of the terrorist group Hamas, and of course, the students had to listen about LGBTQ content, as well.

In her latest report, Zala Klopčič said that she had received an exclusive letter sent anonymously by students of the Šentvid Grammar School to all teachers. “They are accusing the teachers of spreading left-wing propaganda and indoctrination. Milan Brglez also came to the grammar school and tried to get the students to vote for him in the upcoming elections to the European Parliament. The Mladina magazine journalist Erik Valenčič also gave lectures at the grammar school, talking to young people about the climate crisis, migration and equating right-wing parties with neo-Nazis,” she pointed out, adding that left-wing mentality and propaganda are being pushed at the grammar school in question. “This was already the case when I was still attending it,” she then added.

Klopčič also met with the authors of the letter, and they explained to her what was actually happening at the school. “It is said that on a weekly basis, students argue with professors over some ideological views, which I find completely unacceptable for an educational institution,” she pointed out, adding that the school organises special trips and invites special guests who literally poison the minds of young people with their ultra-liberal and left-wing propaganda. Roman Kuhar, a lecturer from the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana, presented the daily life of gays and lesbians to the students, she said.

They watched Valenčič’s documentary The Coalition of Hate

“We are not going to define ourselves politically, because we don’t see the point in that. However, we wonder whether you think it is appropriate to equate right-wing political parties with neo-Nazis and criminals in front of students who do not yet have a political orientation?” the students wrote in their letter, pointing out that they had watched a documentary about Slovenian neo-Nazis and football supporter groups in class, which equated all right-wing political parties with neo-Nazis. “In our opinion, the documentary was definitely not the right choice for the students, as you are, perhaps unintentionally, directing the students’ political views. Which is, of course, wrong,” they added, recalling, among other things, that next year, they will have the right to vote. “Do you realise the impact such brainwashing can have? Do you think all students think critically? Do you realise that many of them blindly believe you? With this kind of schooling, the so-called ‘democracy’ no longer works, because you push your political point of view on them, while completely neglecting the personal one of the students,” the students were critical of what has been happening.

The Mladina magazine journalist Erik Valenčič, who is the author of the aforementioned film (The Coalition of Hate – Koalicija sovraštva), even came to the grammar school to give a lecture. Klopčič, who managed to obtain a voice recording of the lecture, listed some of the most controversial parts of his lecture. For example, he said that it was no coincidence that he had made the documentary, because it was clear to him that “religious or ideological bigotry, racism, hatred, sexism, homophobia, all kinds of chauvinisms, are signposts that usually lead a society, a community, to its own downfall.” In his view, we are even in the process of mass extinction on this planet. Although it is clear to everyone that uncontrolled migration is a security threat, he naturally problematised how “far-right forces, far-right parties” oppose migration and refugees in order to protect the Fortress of Europe. In short, Valenčič devoted his lecture to spitting on the right, and among other things, he also explained climate activism – for example, why climate activists throw soups and tomato sauces at famous paintings. Supposedly, they are trying to send the message that they are the last generation that will be able to look at these paintings.

In their letter, the students also criticised the visit of MEP Milan Brglez, who came to their school last November to introduce the profession of Member of the European Parliament to the students. “But did he really just talk about what his job entails? No! He spent more than ten minutes “spitting” all over right-wing parties,” they pointed out about the visit. The students said they felt it was inappropriate that Brglez, by visiting prospective voters, was “buying” his new voters or “propagating his mentality as the only appropriate and salvific one.” Apparently, Brglez even distributed empty sheets of paper at the beginning of his lecture and “asked the students to decorate them in the form of a New Year’s card, if they wanted to, which he would then distribute to the elderly when he visits them.” In this regard, the students wrote, among other things: “At first glance, there is nothing wrong with this. We could even say – what a great idea. However, it is important to note what the true intention of the MP was. Namely, his signature was on the sheet! He wanted to use the cards that the students would make to further promote himself to older voters. Isn’t that perverse?! The work of the students would be used by the MP for his own propaganda.”

But that’s not all. According to Klopčič, as part of their mandatory school activities, the students had to go to see the film “Hummingbirds” at the Cinema Kinodvor, which is described on its website as a “rainbow-glittery and inspiring film” that focuses on two female protagonists who are waiting for their permanent residence permits in the USA. “I was told by the students that this film was total LGBT propaganda and that it also included some sexual, homosexual scenes,” Klopčič pointed out, noting, among other things, that the students also pointed out in their letter that they did not think it was right to be taught that they were not responsible for the consequences of their actions, but that society/the system in which we live was responsible for the consequences of our actions. “Moreover, for a year and a half now, there have been posters about the Erased hanging on every possible door of the Šentvid Grammar School, which Amnesty International has placed there.”

According to Klopčič, a vague response followed after the students sent their letter. The Head Teacher, she said, invited the students who had sent it to come and talk to her. As this would have revealed their identity, they did not decide to attend the discussion with her. “The professors made pointed remarks during class that the students didn’t know what they were writing about; that they were inviting everyone to their school, and that this wasn’t left-wing propaganda,” she added. Judging by all this, it is becoming obvious that left-wing propaganda is increasingly becoming part of the education system in Slovenia, too, even though this kind of propaganda and indoctrination does not belong in educational institutions at all. In all this, it is also interesting that Facebook seems to be restricting Klopčič’s post about this. “I had over 300 likes and 40 shares on this post, and now I have been restricted, and they are trying to censor this post!” she wrote on Saturday evening.

“Dangerous LGBTQIA+ indoctrination and one-word political propaganda in school is illegal. And this is happening on the taxpayers’ dime,” Ljubljana City Councillor Aleš Primc was critical of what is going on, and he also called on his followers to protest the revelation by sending an email to the school. “Everything you are talking about, Zala, when you describe specific events at the Šentvid Grammar School, is a violation of the autonomy of the school, which is stipulated in Article 72 of the Slovenian Organisation and Financing of Education Act. The Head Teacher is responsible and guilty of breaking this law,” pointed out former Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS) MP Mojca Škrinjar, who served as headmistress for several years, in her response to the issue of the headmistress of the Šentvid Grammar School, Nataša Koprivnikar. “All pupils and students to the streets!!! What are we waiting for!”; “And so now we have proof that “educational” institutions have become “leftist laboratories for indoctrinating children”!”; “Zala reveals that depoliticisation is intensively taking place in state schools. With the help of guest journalists from Mladina magazine, researchers from the Peace Institute (Mirovni inštitut), representatives of LGBT, and active socialist politicians. The Šentvid Grammar School exposes children to propaganda reminiscent of the war propaganda of the 1990s.”

N. Ž.

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