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Former MP Pavle Rupar: “Disarm the left provokers and predators of our money!”

The sweetest and purest victory in war is if you take the opponent’s ammunition!

The referendum on the Water Act sobered everyone up!! Even the leftists were surprised by the result and could not even explain their success of scamming the voters to themselves! It sobered us up even more, full of words of support for the government and their decision, millions of likes and encouragements on social networks, and in practice, as usual, we completely fail! Because we always have the feeling that they will not succeed, that others will go to the polls and do the work for us, that the law will fall anyway, the victory is self-evident! In short, a completely lazy and dysfunctional right wing bloc of voters, or simply a completely thoughtless and deceived nation that gets fooled.

What the leftists were selling was expensive to buy!

What the leftists “were selling” through to them obliging mainstream media to the countries in the false form of some non-governmental organisations could have been bought but paid dearly!! Today, people who support the government are also aware of this, but they voted FOR, because they were afraid of the words that the leftists said, they will take your water, they will privatise the springs, you will no longer drink, you will die of thirst. How naively and stupidly did people get fooled? Who can imagine the “theft” of 833,000 water springs across the country, the fence around the Sava, Drava, Krka rivers… Concrete fences around Lake Bled, Bohinj, Lake Cerknica. Okay, where did you go to school, who taught you logical thinking, how do you imagine they would shut off your tap water? What about the laws of the European Union that are above any such laws that would leave you thirsty? Really, I find it hard to understand such a definition and once again a more strained nation than eternal liars, deceivers and scumbags! Hard.

And of course they got the wind in their sails because they immediately turned the result into another explanation, saying, so many people are against the government! Many who fell for the leftists and communists only then grabbed their heads and did not believe that they were being fooled! Fortunately, they also panicked and thank God they did not know how to take advantage of the fraud in an even bigger stampede against the government!! And they tried new manoeuvres in the National Assembly under the Demographic Fund Act and the Infectious Diseases Act! Here, however, it all turned upside down and showed how shallow they are in thinking, how empty their minds are! They are not politicians, that is clear, they are just ordinary provokers and scavengers, their intelligence, strategy and logic fail them immediately, because they know nothing but to steal, bribe and sue as well as condemn!! And with one move, the Prime Minister takes away all ammunition that would have even worse consequences than the non-adoption of the Water Act. For one, serious casualties on the part of the elderly and very young, and the continued enrichment of trade unions, leftist organisations and the mafia, which, under the auspices of the Deep State, has been plundering Slovenia for years and years!

Janša is a strategist of all strategists, politicians of all politicians and wise, like everyone else is not! Over the years, he has become what we have always wanted, so in the past, the criticism and disagreement of many of us was not unjustified! But in this one year and something we can only proudly say: “Hats off!”!

All leftists and communists and terrorists of the Levica party were looking forward to the debate on the Demographic Fund Act, RTV, POP TV, Dnevnik, Mladina, Večer and all related “liar” media have already seen the referendum, and they have clearly said in advance that this is a new battle against Janša and that they do not give a toss about the laws. And a manoeuvre happens!! Janša and the government withdraw the law and disarm the foolish provokers and predators of our money and win the battle without a single shot!! A complete defeat of communists and leftists, they bent and talk about cowardice and go on vacation, which Janša completely spoiled with this move. Congratulations! To take loading, hatred and lies of people who only know how to do that, is a success greater than vaccination against covid! We can continue the summer peacefully, but we must prepare for new frauds and “swindling” of the people, because I doubt we have learned anything from the story of the waters! The cheap story has dissipated, at least for now!

By: Pavle Rupar (

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