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Urška Klakočar Zupančič – Independent judge or a leftist political activist?

Urška Klakočar Zupančič, Judge of County Court in Ljubljana, has expressed political standpoints and even falsehoods on Facebook, which are diminishing the objectivity and the independence of the judicial powers in Slovenia. Because of that Dr. Vinko Gorenak has addressed certain questions regarding this to the president of the Supreme Court Damijan Florjančič and to the head of the Judicial Council, Erik Kerševan. 

Dr. Gorenak reminded them that in Slovenia, judges are appointed permanently, and they practically cannot be discharged. This serves as some sort of protection that guarantees that the work of the judges won’t be influenced by politics, which is a general standard in the EU. Because of this constitutional protection of the independence and objectivity of our judges, it is of course expected, that they remain apolitical and independent within their professional scope. In spite of that, we can notice many provable cases of leftist activities among the judges. One such case is the mentioned Facebook posts of the judge Urška Klakočar Zupančič. She wrote the following on her Facebook page:

“Dear FB friends, although the police stated that they are recording a high amount of violations, and will because of that, tighten the control, you should know that this decree comes from Janez Janša who ordered on the government`s session that the police should go on the streets and on the borders of municipalities to collect fines. There will be no warnings, they will issue fines, so be careful in the following days. It is not about your security or health, it is about filling the empty state budget. I hope that the age of janšizem will one day be only a sad memory, but until that day take care of yourselves.”

So, the “independent judge” is publicly stating that Slovenian prime minister Janez Janša “ordered on the government`s session that the police should go on the streets and on the borders of municipalities to collect fines.” Dr. Gorenak also wrote that he was present at every government session, and assured that there were no such “orders”, as it is not within the power of the prime minister to issue such orders. So, the question Dr. Gorenak addresses is, why is a supposedly “independent” judge publicly stating such apparent lies.

Apart from the quoted post she also wrote another post in which she said that the coronavirus gave an opportunity to frustrated persons with criminal past and with a wish to repress everyone standing in their way. She said these people want revenge, adding; “We are only collateral damage”. By “frustrated persons” she meant infectiologist Dr. Beović, Dr. Krek, Dr. Bregant, governmental speaker Kacin and Prime Minister Janša.

 We also sent an inquiry regarding this to Vera Jourová, European Commissioner for Values and Transparency, and will publish her reply.

Dr. Vinko Gorenak

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